New maps and a New Game mode for World of Warships

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New maps and a New Game mode for World of Warships

Update 0.5.1 for World of Warships will go live tomorrow, November 5, in North America and the day after in Asia, EU and the CIS. This new content update will introduce three new maps (the very first night map), a new game mode and some gameplay improvements, such as daily missions and a new introductory mission with a tutorial to help players develop their tactical skill.

The new game mode, called "Zone", pits opposing teams in contention of one giant base in the middle of a map. However, this base only becomes available for capture two minutes into the battle.

The three new maps are "Land of Fire", inspired by South America; "The Trap", modelled on the battles between U.S. and Japanese fleets and featuring an active volcano; and "Northern Lights", the night map.

Check out the screenshots.

WoS 051 F2P8 WoS 051 F2P1 WoS 051 F2P2 WoS 051 F2P3 WoS 051 F2P4 WoS 051 F2P5 WoS 051 F2P6 WoS 051 F2P7

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Source: Wargaming Press Release.

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