New Look System for Armored Warfare

New Look System for Armored Warfare


Armored Warfare has received a new content update addressing some core gameplay elements (such as Shot Delay correction, or Incorrect Turret Facing), and introducing new tanks, a new loot system, new PvE missions and maps, a new commendation system and improved sound effects.

With this update there has been improvements to the game's general performance as well as major changes for the sounds. The game now features new sounds for several elements which previously lacked elaborated audio cues, including new engine sounds, new sounds for ricochets or new turret rotations sounds.

This content update introduces a new loot system. Players will have a change to be rewarded with crates depending on the overall performance in the match regardless if the player won or not. It also introduces a new commendation system, a system that provides players with visual commendations for accomplishing actions such as killing an enemy.

Check out the trailer now:

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