New Hearthstone Expansion Announced: Knights of the Frozen Throne


Hearthstone will receive a new expansion in August. Blizzard has announced "Knights of the Frozen Throne", a massive update based on the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion of World of Warcraft. This expansion will introduce 135 new cards, new abilities and a new card type ("hero cards" and a new game mechanic that allows players to make damage and heal themselves ("lifesteal").

Through a series of free missions, players will venture the Icecrown Citadel and fight iconic bosses, such as Sindragosa and The Lich King himself. After that, they will receive a random legendary Hero Card. These new cards cost mana, take the place of your hero and give a new hero power.

As always, cards from this expansion will be purchasable with in-game gold or real money.

Watch the following video, in which Ben Brode and Jason Chayes present the new expansion:

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