New Gameplay Trailer for H1Z1


The H1Z1 Epidemic is going to drive our civilization to a post-apocalyptic state very soon. Check out the recently released gameplay trailer if you want to know what to expect of this zombie survival MMO title with dynamic environments and a vast crafting system.

Currently on early access alpha, H1Z1 offers some interesting and refreshing features, such as base building (group of players can create fortified locations to barricade theirselves), a fully-functional ecosystem of life (it's vital to avoid starvation) and a huge crafting system that allows to combine materials to survive. In the future, will be even possible to play as a zombie.


H1Z1 screenshots (3) H1Z1 screenshots (2) H1Z1 screenshots (1) H1Z1 screenshots (5)

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  1. TheElderOne June 17, 2014 at 3:24 PM -

    so psyched for this game!

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