First Look at H1Z1


A couple of weeks ago, we published a review of H1Z1's Early Access Alpha, but that's not all we got. We also recorded a first look video at this zombie survival MMO, which we are publishing today.

In case you missed and you don't know the game. In H1Z1 you have to seek out food, water, supplies and weapons in a post-apocalyptic rural region complete with small devastated town, abandoned gas stations and deserted trailer parks. If you don’t die of hunger, thirst or from the zombies then chances are that some of the other players are going to take you out and take your hard earned scavenged supplies for themselves.

The game is currently in Early Alpha, with access to the game currently purchasable through Steam, with its bugs and incomplete features we stepped into the game not expecting too much but what we found was a game that had so much promise and more than enough gameplay to keep us enthused. Watch our First Look video to see how we got in in our first horror survival MMO ever!


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