New Expansion for RIFT on July 19: Celestial Storm

Rift Free to Play MMORPG

RIFT will launch a new free expansion, "Celestial Storm",on July 19. This new expansion will introduce a new level 70 zone, new quests, raid rifts and four new classes. Additionally, Trion has announced that the previous premium expansion, "Prophecy of Ahnket", is now available for free.

Celestial Storm will take players to the amber summit in the Vostigar Peaks, where they will have to stop the destruction of the Tenebrean Tower Ahnket.

The expansion will add four new classes: Farseer (an aoe healer), Primal Lord (a damage dealer who can summon beasts), Predator (a stealthy damage dealer) and the Mystic (a supporter who buffs its allies).


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