New details and a new video for Kartuga’s PvE


InnoGames has just unveiled some new juicy details on the PvE part of its upcoming pirate-themed action-MMOG Kartuga. Sailing the game's seas players will encounter dangerous foes while fulfilling tasks in a large PvE (Player versus Environment) over world. There are three main areas which offer different type of adventures, like story quests and repeatable daily quests.  Powerful elite pirates like Robert the Bloody or Gondom the Shipwrecker make for an especially challenging encounter.

Three major factions await players in the game: The Ithosian Trade League, The Empire of the Sun and Kartu Qucha, fighting each other in order togain control of the lost Chest of Kartuga, which supposedly contains a very powerful object.

Source of information: InnoGames press release

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