New content and languages for AVA

New content and languages for AVA


Aeria Games just announced a new big update for its MMOFPS Alliance of Valiant Arms which introduces the support for three new languages and five new maps.

Considering the fast expansion of the A.V.A. community, Aeria Games decided to translate the game in German, Spanish and French. The language selection is a simple and easy process made right before you launch the game. Once done, nothing in the game settings changes, and all the players will keep playing on the same server.

Five new map awaits the players with this new update, like the E-Space escape map and the Radar Demolition map. In addition, a new character called Marek will bring into the game the new AK200 rifle, and new wapon capsule and surprase are available in the game's shop.

Source of information: Aeria Games press release


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