Alliance of Valiant Arms


Redduck for Windows.


Alliance of Valiant Arms (A. V. A.) Is a free to play MMO FPS which takes place between a fictional war of two mighty factions; the European Union (EU) and the Neo-Russian federation (NRF), with an extensive armoury available of various weapons attachments armour and skill upgrades players can kit out their characters in various load outs suitable to their own personal style of play. The main aspect of the game is PVP through various game modes with a character progression system embedded within the game to enhance the MM Cole nature.

 Game Modes

Free for All- the objective here is simple; kill anyone and everyone and be the first to reach the target amount of required kills. With health packs dotted around the map but no repairs for armour players must think tactically when trying to survive.

Escort - in Escort it is the European Union who must protect a tank that is moving across the map whilst it is being assaulted by an NRF ambush. The NRF must locate rocket propelled grenades which are stored in lockers around the map and must try to destroy it before the tank reaches its end waypoint; a hit on the tank will slow it down and a secondary will temporarily disable it, which requires the EU to repair it to carry on moving.

Demolition - here the EU are required to plant a C4 bomb in one of two available bomb site locations within the allotted time limit, meanwhile the NRF must defend these sites. A successful defence or bomb attack will win the game as well as simply eliminating all players from the enemy team.

Annihilation - classic team death match between the EU and the NRF as they compete to gain the most kills during the allotted time or before a designated score is reached.

Domination - King of the Hill style game the EU and NRF teams must make their way to the command post at the centre of the map, capture it and hold it for a set amount of time to be declared the victors.

Rescue - a prison break mission here the EU are required to rescue Eva, an officer located within the prison, and escort her to the evacuating helicopter. Eva must arrive to the chopper safely in order to successfully complete the mission.

Escape - the European Union team’s objective is to kill a set number of prisoners and escape through an underground passage, fighting their way through other prisoners whilst unlocking doors and planting C4 along the way.

Suppression - made up of up to 4 EU team members the group will survive wave after wave of NRF enemies, who drop health and ammunition when they die. Be careful though as each player only has a limited number of lives and the waves grow stronger and stronger as time goes on.

Survival - made up of four EU team members with only one life at their disposal, the objective is to kill as many AI enemies as possible; enemies drop health and am all when they die and grow progressively stronger over time.


Pointman – a particularly mobile class most useful for close ranged attacks, scouting and at their most effective when attacking from behind.

Sniper - deadly at long range and attacking from afar, extremely useful when defending an area or supporting attacking forces with cover fire.

Rifleman - flexible and balance all manner of operations and situations, with a wide array of strategies available this class can fall in under any battle status.


CPU: Pentium 4 2.4Ghz
GeForce 6600 or Radeon X600 GPU with 128MB GRAM Shader Model 2 Required
1.6 GB of Free Hard Drive Space
Windows XP/Vista/7


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