The New Age in Rage War

The New Age in Rage War

Steam Age is active now for Rage War. After you reached the end of 5th Era, you will be able to unlock new technologies and improvements.

New researches

The since tree is expanded with lots of new sciences, to help you unlock new buildings and progress your city through the new Era.

New buildings

Continue your adventure with new levels of your main administrative building starting as “Palace of profit” and upgradable to “Industrial Palace” and finally “Ministry or progress”
There are also three new residential buildings - City dwelling, City House and City Mansion, that will produce even more workers.
Boosting your wealth production will be possible by building Tailor, Metallurgist and Cartographer buildings.
Satisfy the cultural needs of your society by building Sculpture studio, Printing House and University and a Gargoyle street decoration.
Expand the trading capabilities of your domain by producing a brand new goods. In this Era available to you will be the following buildings – Dyehouse, Tobacco warehouse, Gunpowder factory, Marble Factory, Bindery

New Islands in campaign

Entering the new Era will allow you to continue your journey in searching the missing parts of the Time machine. Explorer a whole new island, fight or bribe its inhabitants and get one step closer to restore Deonardo’s contraption

Additional Features in the build.

We added a brand new option for improving your gameplay - Boosters! It is accessible from inventory menu.

• Science points boosters
o Kapazitäts booster – You will get 2x science points capacity (instead of 10, it will be 20 science points for capacity)
o Production booster – You will get 2 science points per hour instead of 1
• Offence army limit boosters– these boosters can stack for +45 limit when you use both of them, your offense army limit will increase total 45 (15+30 )
o +15 offense army limit for 1 hour
o +30 offense army limit for 1 hour
• Healing booster bonus – when your units are wounded and need healing, units will cost 50% less healing

Important information about boosters/bonuses: You can use a booster more than once, the bonus will be the same, but its duration will increase. For example, if you use +15 offense army limit booster 1 time with paying 30 diamonds, you will get a 1-hour bonus for extra +15 offense army limit, if you use it again the duration will be 2 hours instead of 1 (1+1 hours). Offense army limit bonus will not increase!

Other game changes

• Players in the first and second era can now attack while they are in shield protection, but each attack cost shield duration loss for specific hours.
o Era 1 – 2h per attack. If you are in Era 1 and you attack while you are in shield protection, your protection shield will decrease 2 hours.
o Era 2 – 4h per attack. If you are in Era 2 and you attack while you are in shield protection, your protection shield will decrease 2 hours.
• After each attack (no matter what the outcome is) the defending city will be locked for 30 seconds. After your first attack is over, there will be a timer for 30 seconds instead of the attack button. After 30 seconds, attack button will appear for next attack. This was necessary step to ensure the defender is able to protect itself by healing his city.

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