Rage War

Rage War is a Cross-platform MMORTS Free-to-play

GENRE: Free to play Strategy MMO cross-platform
PLATFORM: Web Browser
DEVELOPER: Fury Studio


Rage War is a city and empire management strategy MMO where players can rise up their fledgling Stone Age settlement and advance and expand into a mighty empire. Research technologies, built a powerful army, innovative “reverse tower defense” combat system and more as you battle alongside and against other players.


- City and Empire management game

- Extensive research trees to unlock technologies

- Grid based layout for towns and settlements

- Cross-platform that supports all browsers

- Explore the rich and dynamic world

- Engage in quests and campaigns

- Invite friends and play alongside them

- Special in-game events

- Free-to-play with monetization that isn’t pay-to-win


The main battle system within the game is extremely easy to pick up and simple to operate, it is still capable of giving extremely strategic combat in its two different battle modes: attack and defence. When in attack mode players can send out waves of enemies to pick away at opponents defenses, whereas in defense mode users can use their defense skills and construct buildings and fortifications to defend their perimeter whilst utilising traps to kill off the enemy invaders.

Play starts out with their own Stone Age settlement must help it grow, prosper and expand through subsequent ages by taking on quests, earn rewards and constructing improvements for the settlement and expanding their culture.


An important factor in the game’s technology and discovery, by researching and unlocking new technologies players will enable more options, military units and building types that they are able to construct, each following a particular theme depending on the era that they have reached. Be sure to put time and effort into your research otherwise you will quickly fall behind the more advanced civilisations that are competing against you.


New technologies unlocked players will be able to settle their land, claim their territory and build upon it with buildings that will help further progress their people. Erect huge Great Wonders to demonstrate your achievements and progress to all those around you.


Whilst many seek to earn their fortune through conquest there are those that prefer the more diplomatic approach, forging alliances with other leaders and making trades that benefit both parties. With a wealth of resources and items to exchange players can create their own bustling player run economy, buying and selling to chase profit and make their Empire a prosperous one. Trade on the global markets all within your alliance, craft everything from weapons to your own beer using a brewery and craft the finest ale across the land.


Unlock new quests and larger campaign stories that will introduce you to interesting NPC’s looking for your help. Local rulers won’t always be willing to give way to your progress and expansion and will challenge you at every turn in your journey to become the greatest empire alive. Embark on exciting and rewarding quests that will yield glory and gain.


Tactics, subterfuge and strength are all required to succeed in Rage War. Send out scouts to neighbouring rivals tasked to identify their defensive weaknesses before arming up your troops to crush them. With a variety of different troops and tactics there is no “always-win” combo of units and the troops that might be good for one job against one opponent might not necessarily be a successful for the next.


Play with friends and have them fight alongside you as allies as together you crush all opposition that stands in your way, United together as a powerful force to be reckoned with. Alternatively fight your friends, dominate them in battle and show them who the best really is!


Web Browser


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