Neverwinter Underdark Expansion Live on Xbox One


Underdark, the eighth expansion of Neverwinter, is now available on Xbox One too, bringing to the console version of the free to play MMORPG the Rage of Demons storyline from Wizards of the Coast to life.

This expansion introduces a new 10-player encounter with the iconic demon lord Demogorgon, and all-new campaign that includes new in-game rewards, a new questline written by New York best-selling author R.A. Salvatorre, two new end-game skirmishes, a new hub, updates to trade bar store, a new gear preview feature, additional strongholds content and new artifact weapons among other things.

“With the all-new 10-player encounter against Demogorgon, Xbox One players have yet another large scale experience to play in with their friends. On top of diverse new experiences for players, Neverwinter is now closer to Dungeons & Dragons than ever before,” said Rob Overmeyer, executive producer of Neverwinter. “Creating adventures featuring iconic D&D heroes like Drizzt and Bruenor is an awesome opportunity, and Underdark wouldn’t be what it is without the integration of R.A. Salvatore’s story-telling and characters. Looking at 2016, we’re excited to continue strengthening our ties to D&D as well as delivering MMO experiences players want.”

Watch the trailer:

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