World of Tanks 8.0

7 Overall Score
Graphics: 8/10
Gameplay: 6/10
Story: 7/10

Great graphics, detailed maps, and documented tanks and modules' technical information

Gameplay is closer to a simulator than to an arcade, which makes combat slower than what one would expect.

World of Tanks 8.0 review

Wargaming gave us the chance to test the new patch for World of Tanks, 8.0 brought a general overhauling of this popular game, from graphics to gameplay, not forgetting about sound and user interface, as well as new features and tanks.

We really encourage you to check our screenshots and videos about this great patch to get a closer feeling on how it works and for previous players how much it has changed. The first thing you will find with is the new research tree layout as now it’s more easy to follow and fits better on the screen, after that, if you check the store you will find some new tanks, since we have tried them all, we can assure you that they are great, ranging from light to heavy, they bring some nice bonuses (premium) and stats to the battlefield, stacking up with the current huge amount of tanks the game has already.

The moment we got into a battle, you find the new stunning visuals, “more realistic” is what describes best these changes, sun light, smoke, particles, water, environment, tank sounds they all mix up perfectly and take this title to a brand new level, so current players have probably noticed it even more than what we did, if you add the new physics and other changes to game mechanics and tank rebalancing, now it gets more competitive since you are able to explore and wander across the map easier, and when it comes to get into a skirmish the sounds are amazing, both when you fire and when you get hit, it almost hurts to hear that sound against your armor, it varies depending on the ammunition type and armor it’s hitting now so it won’t be always the same sounds.

After playing some matches we got to play the new maps available for Assault and Encounter, having a wider variety to choose from is always nice, and the already revamped maps with new graphics and changes are gorgeous compared to not yet touched, that really brings the game into the AAA category. Another thing that caught our eye is the new camouflage system along with the inscriptions and personal emblems that makes some tanks stand out from the rest, and you have the feeling that you aren’t playing the very same tank (visually speaking) as some in your side.

The commands system has been revisited too, with a more than surprising outcome, now it’s so easy and intuitive, you can get to see where all the action is taking place on the map as it’s properly displayed according to commands sent by your teammates, and since you don’t want to lose more than enough time giving orders, that has been improved too, now it’s faster and easier to use radio commands, and if you mix both, you have what we have experienced, a lot of players using those commands, that grants you the capability to be aware of what’s happening across the whole map, and take actions accordingly, even us, being non-experienced players on this matter, had our good moments and a decent time on the battlefield before get killed thanks to this.

We know that this game was doing great previously so from now on we can foresee that it will get better and better, new graphics are great, visual effects, map details and new physics change the gameplay for good, and bring a new and fresh experience for its players and an even better candidate to be tried out by new players for sure. Oh and there is already a new patch coming up, 8.1 in which the 4 new maps will be revamped with the new graphics and strategic wise changes.

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  1. 3141592654 July 21, 2014 at 3:18 PM -

    Wait, you call World oft Tanks some kind of tank simulator, but not War Thunder? Whoever came up with that conclusion should be suspended Form reviewing games.

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