Might & Magic Heroes Online Gets a New Content Update


The "Better, Stronger, Faster" content update arrives today to Might & Magic Heroes Online, introducing to the game two new features – a new heroic mode and artifacts refinements. These two elements will allow players to improve their characters' stats with new artifacts and obtain special rewards, such as pets or avatar portraits.

The New Heroic Mode gives the chance to obtain the most powerful artifacts in the game. Instead of being locked to a single difficulty, players at level 30 and above can now increase the Heroic Tier of an encounter – the higher the tier, the higher the rewards will be. In order to unlock them, players will need to collect the new resource dragonsteel and trade it in among other resources at the Heroic Forge. Dragonsteel can be obtained in many different ways including Heroic quests or Forgotten Sites dungeons. In addition to the artifacts, other rewards include the “Soulstalker Cub” pet, the “Grimwolf Dye” and avatar portraits.

The Artifact Refinements will enable players to increase the stats of their artifacts. These refinements are available for the offensive, defensive or tactical stats as well as the most powerful form which increases all stats of the chosen artifact.


MMHO_Heroic_Forge_EN_1424205121 MMHO_Heroic_Mode_EN_1424205125

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