What Do We Love About… Call of War?

What Do We Love About... Call of War?

Call of War is a free to play WW2 strategy where players rule over their own country at the beginning of a parallel universe war; here no alliances have been forged, no first shots fired, the war is about to break out and it is up to you who you wish to fight against and alongside. With high elements of strategy players will be thrust into a PVP focused round that has a win condition, working with other players to overcome greater enemies and using espionage, aggression, diplomacy and economic power to stand above everyone else. The game is a browser based MMO and there’s a lot that we like about the game, so let’s take a look as we ask “what do we love about… Call of War?”

Extensive Map
The playable map is pretty big. Focusing more on the European theatre of war the game map hosts all the countries in Europe, including the sprawling USSR territories, parts of northern Africa, North America and Canada (it lacks the Pacific front, which would make the game map probably impossibly large). Each country is broken down into key territories with terrain features, and key cities that must be captured to earn Victory Points (they key to victory obviously!). With such a large map it means players really need to sit down and be strategic with their planning, you can quite easily spread your forces too thin when you start growing your territory, so working out what to prioritise all stems from how large the map is.


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End Game Conditions
You can actually win. Though this isn’t a unique feature, and does seem to be more and more popular with these types of online strategy games, we love that there’s an actual end game victory where someone can “win the round”. The game takes place across a set number of turns, the winner is the person who has the most Victory Points at the end of the game, earned by controlling key cities, with some being worth more than others depending on how hard they would be to capture. Instead of just being a constant ongoing slog there is a little extra forethought that goes into battles; if a planned attack fails are you going to be able to recover from it? Each fight counts and too many loses can put you out of the game!

Branched Tech Tree
Players have a level of technology customization. Too many MMO strategy games offer no deviation from their technology development, unlocking units in a linear fashion so that everyone has essentially the same progression. Call of War allows players to choose where they want to focus, with some units branching off into other specialized units so that Armies can have different compositions depending on what your focus is, including a variety of different unit types; ground, air, sea, armored and even espionage. With so much diversity it means that every enemy you come across will be different and you need to adjust your tactics accordingly.

The Pace
It’s a slow and steady speed. Whilst not to everyone’s liking we actually enjoy the pace of the game, things don’t happen at a break neck speed, if you want to attack a distant opponent then you need to plan ahead and make sure it’s the right call as it will take a lot of time to get to where you need to go. When you’ve committed then if you get ambushed it takes a long time to return your units; at which point the enemy could have already destroyed your weakened defenses by the time you return. The game is not one that is won in days, enemies don’t fold like paper at the first attack, you can expect prolonged battles with a constant stream of reinforcements leading to some protracted tactical battles.


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Empire Micromanagement
You have a lot of hands on control over your Empire. From managing your units, managing your technological advancement, you can even manage your cities production and resources, giving players a lot of depth to the game and various areas they need to master. With so many options it really allows players to define their own strategy, whether they want to focus on being ultra-aggressive, or trying to burst push areas then heavily defend. Resource management with food and other important resources means there is an element where players must also be flexible to adapting their strategy to make up for other areas; ie. you can’t have a huge army if you don’t have a way of feeding them!

Morale plays an important part of the game. If your army loses too many units, or your cities are attacked for extended periods of time, then your city populous starts to lose morale; lose too much and your cities can start revolting against you, which lowers defenses and production. This makes Spies considerably more powerful as players can send them into rival units to try and insight revolts and lower morale as a tactical action.

These are some of the things that we love about Call of War, but what do you think? What do you love about this game? Would you add anything else to the list? We await your opinions! Let us know!!!!!

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