The Lord of the Rings Online, The Helm’s Deep Expansion is Here


Helm's Deep, the so awaited expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online, is finally available for purchase for players across North America and Europe.

This new expansion lets players enjoy the battle for Helm's Deep, which will be available starting from level 10 and will give you special rewards for your contribution. You will also be able to explore new zones such as the Westemnet of Rohan, experience a new level cap of 95 with new skill and updated class specializations, and advance further in the game's epic storyline.

Helm’s Deep, our fifth major expansion, allows players to experience one of the most iconic moments in The Lord of the Rings,” said Kate Paiz, Executive Producer of The Lord of the Rings Online. “Starting today they can join with the Free Peoples of Middle-earth in the Battle of the Hornburg and experience this epic conflict first hand.

Source of information: Warner & Turbine press release

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