Lord of the rings Online

Lord of the rings Online Free to Play MMORPG Game


Set in the famed world created by J.R.R. Tolkein, Lord of the Rings Online is a free to play MMORPG where players can take the role of some of the iconic hero races as seen in the films and the books. With such a huge player base the world is brought to life with its buzzing population and makes finding other players who share your passion of questing or role playing even easier.


Hunter- Woodsmen of the wild the Hunter is keen with a bow, a deadly opponent who can bring a swift kill from range as they keep at a distance moving easily through forests at a quicker pace, and has the ability to lay traps for any would be pursuers.

Captain – A standard bearer who fights with their banner to inspire allies and bring fear to enemies, a commanding presence and the peak of leadership prowess who can turn the tide of battle.

Guardian – A protector of their allies, the Guardians greatest triumph is their ability to draw enemies onto themselves and away from their companions, counter-attack blow after blow with their own vicious attacks.

Minstrel – With a tale of heroes and a song of valour the Minstrel can use word and song to lift the spirits of their allies in battle and sow discord against enemies to sap of their will to fight; not all battles are won with the sword and many a Minstrel has earned their place in the battle ranks.

Burglar - A rogue in every sense of the words, nimble footsteps and even nimbler strikes, they dash in and out of the fray striking quick and true, confusing, stunning and weakening their opponents.

Lore-master – Using knowledge of greater powers than that of the men they ally with, the Lore-master can repel the shadows that are cast on Middle-Earth, treating wounds, illness and comforting the ills of their companions.

Warden – The Warden opposed Sauron’s forces at every chance and serves to protect those who cannot do so themselves, it is often a lonely life for these stoic heroes and they are capable combatants even on their own.

Rune-keeper – Using the power of the word and ancient text, Rune-keepers wield the forces of the elements and the rune-stones where this power is held, able to harness its power to aid or bring devastation and destruction.


Hobbits – Inhabiting the green fields and hills of The Shire, the Hobbits are the small folk with the big stomachs, unlikely heroes but surprisingly adaptable to whatever adventures they find themselves in.

Dwarves – Strong, determined and hearty, the Dwarves thrive in their underground cities and have a particular hatred for the goblins that inhabit caves and dwellings beneath the surface.

Elves – The oldest of the races, noble to the point of aloof and introverted when it comes to mixing with the other races for they have seen through history the devastation that has been wrought at their hands, and yet they still take their place alongside the allied races to fight evil.

Men – Destined to rule it is Men that are often the worst villains and the bravest champions, found in all walks of life across Middle-earth. With their short lived lives it is often the goal of all men to achieve greatness before their time comes to pass.


Whilst the evils of Middle-earth bring adventure and secure the freedoms of the Free People, even heroes and soldiers need to take a moment to relax. Taking up a hobby offers up a fun and profitable way to pass the time away from the battlefield and offers interesting and exciting ways to interact with the world.


Broken up into seven different Vocation players can take on the secondary role as an Armourer, Explorer, Armsman, Tinker, Woodsman, Yeoman and Historian and explore other pursuits beyond combat. These Vocations are divided into three different Professions, many of which help support others within its Vocation field to compliment it. In total there are ten Professions; Farmer, Cook, Forester, Metalsmith, Jeweller, Schoral, Prospector, Tinker, Yeoman and Woodsman.


• The Elves of Lothlórien have rallied against Sauron in all new regions including the bogs of Mirkwood
• Explore and find hundreds of new and challenging quests in the new region
• Take part in the Skirmish system and create and lead your soldier
• New enhanced combat
• Take on challenging 12 person raids and challenge the Lieutenant of Dol Gulkdur, a Nazgul Lord!
• Increase Legendary items to level 70 and your hero to the new cap of level 65


CPU: 1.8 GHz or Athlon equivalent: 1800
RAM: 512 MB
Video card: 64 MB, DirectX 9.0c
HDD Space: 7 GB
DVD drive: 2x
Internet connection


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