League of Angels: Pact new game

League of Angels: Pact new game
League of Angels: Pact new game

League of Angels: Pact, a sequel to the classic League of Angels games series, officially launches on R2Games. The action-idle MMORPG are co-launched on two platforms: Game Hollywood Games and R2Games. Designed for lovers of the original games and new players alike, League of Angels: Pact is filled with thrilling gameplay and innovative new features.

Introducing League of Angels: Pact

Long-term fans of the League of Angels (LoA) series know that not all angels are angelic. While the latest LoA title is jampacked with nostalgic gameplay for those fans, new players will find a slick and accessible browser MMORPG packed with modern features.

From Dec. 15th, players will be able to embark on whole new adventures and fierce exhilarating battles on R2Games. In their quest to defend the Holy Land of Justice, they will need to awaken hundreds of powerful Angels with uniquely mighty abilities, skills, and attributes. Once summoned, these Angels must be upgraded, reinforced, reborn and powered up if their divine might is to lead to glory.

While remaining a faithful homage to original designs, new exquisite character art and technical expertise means the Angels are now even more visually spectacular. These Angels include the ruthless autocrat, Apocalypse; the oracle-like Fortuna; and the hybrid Dragon-Angel, Kali. The Angels look more awe-inspiring than ever, with over 100 divine weapons, wings, and miracle outfits which affect stats as well as style. And that’s not to mention the challenge of discovering the mystery faces of the Angels.

R2Games and Game Hollywood are proud to introduce a game featuring epic battles and endless loot. League of Angels: Pact features non-stop action. The game boasts Cross-server PK, the “Road to Challenge”, twelve Holy Lands, bosses, raids, quests, and daily challenges.

Players can choose to take on dungeons, quests, and battles solo or team-up with comrades for an immersive and cooperative combat experience. Alongside dramatic PvE events, players can test their mettle against their fellow players to climb the PvP arena rankings.

While players can get stuck into the immersive action combat, they can also adopt an idle gaming approach – saying goodbye to manual levelling and having their characters progress while away-from-keyboard (AFK).

How to Play League of Angels: Pact

Players around the world are able to play League of Angels: Pact on those same platforms, browser and mobile devices, the French and German versions of the game are online.

Game Hollywood Games and R2Games are delighted to welcome back old LoA fans and bring new players into the fold. All that’s left is for players to spread their wings and bring their divinity to the Holy Lands.

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