League of Angels: Pact Celebrating Its First Anniversary

League of Angels: Pact Celebrating Its First Anniversary
League of Angels: Pact Celebrating Its First Anniversary

R2Games and F2P.com, the popular action-idle MMORPG League of Angels: Pact is now a year old, and it is hosting a stack of events and achievements to celebrate.

If you didn’t know, the game sees you controlling a range of angels in fierce battles to defend the Holy Land of Justice. All the angels have different attributes and weapons, with the game also accessible to everyone thanks to its idle gameplay elements.

It is always getting a range of new events and achievements for players to enjoy as well. With this latest birthday blowout a prime example. But what’s included in this latest celebration?

Party time

First up, you can enjoy exclusive daily login rewards (diamond chests) throughout the game’s anniversary week.

Then you can also engage in a range of thrilling new challenges like Ember Puzzle, Anniversary Quest, and Boss Drops. Through these you can unlock a trove of exciting items including Mythic Angel Gallery, Relic Random Chest, Advanced Redemption, Advanced Red Moon, Rune Optional Chest, and much more.

If you achieve certain quest milestones you’ll unlock even more rewards exclusive to the celebration too, such as a limited time avatar frame, chat bubble, unique outfits, weapons, and Wings of Darkflame.

You can stay updated on all the celebrations via the game’s Facebook and Discord channels too.

Going Worldwide

If that wasn’t enough French and German accessible versions of League of Angels: Pact have been launched too, meaning more players from across the world can get involved.

So if you’re not already playing the game, what are you waiting for? It’s available on the Apple Store, Google Play, Huawei Gallery, and there’s even an official APK with a 15% discount.

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