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We managed to have a brief sit down with the PR people for Pearl Abyss, developers of the Korean MMO Black Desert, a beautiful MMORPG we got to test out a few months back, and managed to get a little update on where the game is currently at.

The game is gearing up for their third, and probably final, closed beta that will be launching in mid-september to try and iron out some of the problems they received from earlier beta feedback.


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One of the primary issues the game seemed to be facing was the confusion with the UI and players getting lost, something that has been changed for the next test, as well as some problems with PvP and general PKing that it is a little unfriendly to players which they are looking at. Little tweaks have been added in like the ability to now swim in water (as opposed to dying), and the majority of them have been driven by the community and their feedback.

The game is set to launch by the end of the year in Korea, from there plans are to get the game published by the end of 2015/beginning of 2016, but that is an extremely soft launch date that will firm up closer to the time. The next launch when the game has been localized will be Japan, Russia and then the EU-NA and whilst feedback from the western gaming community has guided the game slightly it’s unlikely we’ll see any major changes to the hardcore mechanics from the Korean published game.

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