Khan Wars Gets a Complete Makeover

Khan Wars Gets a Complete Makeover


XS Software has released a brand new version of Khan Wars, Khan Wars X. This new version has removed loading screens, and brings better functionality, new art, a new skill, real time new units' stats, new bonuses to units, clans, and a new app-styled UI.

There is a new skill: Inteligence. This skill allows players to research their opponents. Depending on the development of Inteligence, players will get to quantify the research.

The game is now easy to navigate from Android and iOS devices. It's been adapted to fit both the computer and mobile device screens. And new buttons have been added.

Additionally, players can now create a clan. And they can also use the battle simulator; a new feature that allows players to see how each unit will perform in real time before starting the real battle.

Check out some screenshots:


Khan Wars X screenshots (1) Khan Wars X screenshots (1) Khan Wars X screenshots (2)

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