Kartuga reveals new information about its Skill Tree system

InnoGames has published new details and a video about the skill tree system of its upcoming Action-MMOG Kartuga.

In the game players can pick from three classes that determine their play style: Protector, Destroyer and Engineer. These classes can be customizated through comprehensive skill trees that contains over 80 different abilities.

When players reach a new level, they are rewarded with skill points which can be used to unlock abilities within the different skill trees. Also the players always have the possibility to reset the entire skill tree and put the earned points into other abilites, allowing changes quickly and easily.

The Protector is the strongest class in defense, and its specializations are Wrangler, Bulwark and Suppressor. The Wrangler is the less heavily fortified branch, but easily sinks targets with its precise critical strikes. The Bulwark is a swimming fortress; its defense is nearly impenetrable. Lastly, the Suppressor acts as ‘big brother’ in every team and defends smaller mates, using close combat skills.

The Destroyer is a nimble and highly maneuverable class that possesses Raider, Ravager and Brawler specializations. The Ravager excels in battles over long distances, the Raider this focused on attack and flee, and the Brawler is focused on having a reinforced armor and direct attacks.

The Engineer breaks off into three sub-classes with various types of abilities: Buoy Master, Atlanticus and Tinker. The Buoy Master specializes in the use of buoys to control the flow of the battlefield, supporting teammates and attacking at the same time. The Tinker is an expert at debuffing enemy skills, while the Atlanticus build is ideal to repair allies and control enemy crowds.

Information source: InnoGames press release.

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