Imperia Online World Cup 2022

Imperia Online World Cup 2022
Imperia Online World Cup 2022

Imperia Online and here you have the information for the Imperia Online World Cup 2022 event, Imperia Online is a Free-to-Play Cross-Platform MMORTS Game.

It is the time for the most elite tournament which Imperia Online has ever had!

And there is something for sure – this year the World Cup is going to bring very interesting and ambitious events which will never be forgotten.

The registrations are going to be opened on 26th of September. All those, who seek eternal glory, will have 21 days to sign up for the most anticipated event.

The Qualifiers will sift out the best of the best players in each national team and then… the fun begins. The Official Qualifiers will take place on October 7th.

The Group Stage will launch on October 31st.

And the Grand Finale, when the World Champion will be decided, shall start on November 16th.

The World Champion 2022 winners are going to be announced on December 7th.

There are two months of tremendous success expected and of course all of us are wondering the very same thing – Will Romania be the absolute winner by taking the cup for the fifth time in a row? Well that’s something we will have to wait to see!

Prep your forces and we are waiting for you on the battlefield: Imperia Online

Source: Imperia Online for PC, Imperia Online for Android devices and Imperia Online for iOS devices.

Imperia Online World Cup 2022 event

Imperia Online is a free-to-play, cross-platform MMORTS game you can play on the PC and Mobile devices set in a medieval world where thousands of real players compete for supremacy. Players begin with a single capital and then grow and expand a mighty Empire from there. Players have multiple ways to bring new territories under their control, while in the same time they'll need to take care and develop their existing holdings. Technology research, resource production, and a complex economy are all features that the players will need to manage and master if they want to persevere. And at any time, if player finds themselves too challenged by circumstance, they can join an Alliance, and seek the help of fellow members.

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