Huge Content Update for Khan Wars


Khan Wars' latest content update introduces to the game a plethora of new elements and updated world map graphics with full mobile devices compatibility. The new map has completely new art, dynamic loading and new functionalities, such as campaign information, routing display and zoom.

Update 7.1 also introduces new game systems, like the Baby-sitting, which allows players to take care of other players account while this one isn't playing; the multi-accounting for players who share the same IP address so they can play without being punished; the new notification system, which offers new visual notifications; or the new achievements system, created to count most of the daily activities in order to reward players when a milestone is reached.

New mercenary camps and mines have been added too. They appear around players' castles on the world map when they meet certain criteria. These spots can be attacked and pillaged.


Khan Wars screenshots 6 Khan Wars screenshots 3

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