Halloween Update for Heroes Evolved

Halloween Update for Heroes Evolved


Heroes Evolved receives today a new content update introducing five new playable heroes, new skins, Halloween-themed events, a new user interface and the possibility to sign up for the first global tournament.

Players will find that the new user interface is more user-friendly, simpler and easier to use. The UI has been simplified so players can see the most important information first.

The update brings five new characters:

- Lilith, a strength-based succubus.
- Chou, a strength-based Demon.
- Solus, an agility-based archer.
- Pengwing, an agility-based robotic penguin.
- Yuki, an intelligence-based witch.

Teams can now sign up to compete in the first global tournament. The winning team will represent their home region in the grand final in China in December.

And it also brings the Halloween events, which will provide with an experience bonus and special gift packs.


Heroes Evolved Halloween image

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