Halloween to Imperia Online

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Halloween to Imperia Online

Imperia Online is a Free-to-Play Cross-Platform MMORTS Game, aviable on PC, iOS and Android, offer this nice event "The Imperia Online World Cup Exclusive event" for all the players, the time has come for Halloween.

The time has come to once again carve some pumpkins and go for some trick or treat.

If there’s something strange in your Empire now,

Who you gonna call?

Not the ghostbusters, of course! Nor our support, for that matter.

Because everything is fine and the game is working as intended. The only difference is you are now officially involved in the Imperia Online’s Halloween Event.

This year it will start on October 30th and will continue for one week.

All players will be able to participate, there are no restrictions whatsoever.

Rules are simple: You assemble your “trick or treat” army and you dress the soldiers in the latest Halloween fashion costumes. You then send them to visit all the Barbarian Camps you can find and ask the Barbarians for treats. If the Barbarians are not polite and don’t give you treats, you perform the “frontal assault and total annihilation” trick maneuver and then you go to the next camp. And you hope all the Barbarians are impolite. You get points for “trеating and tricking” the Barbarians and players with the most points will get special Halloween medals in their profiles at the end of the event.

Start making those costume orders for your army then!

Halloween is coming in Imperia Online!

Source: Imperia Online for PC, Imperia Online for Android devices and Imperia Online for iOS devices.

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