Goodgame Empire Generals and Skills

Goodgame Empire Generals and Skills
Goodgame Empire Generals and Skills and GoodGame Studios publisher of Goodgame Empire inform for the biggest and most significant update in 2022.

The biggest update to date for Empire has just dropped, don't miss the chance to check out the awesome new content! The powerful Generals are here to lead the serried ranks of your armies towards victory. Unlock them all, upgrade their skills but use them wisely, as a well planned strategy will be even more important to defeat a canny opponent. Are you a legendary strategist with what it takes to conquer the Great Empire? Play now!

  • New characters that will provide more tactical depth to game-play strategy

  • Each general will have a separate skill set and abilities

  • New combat planning

  • First general is free, others need to be unlocked (earned)

  • More generals to be released later on

For the active and lapsed users for GoogGame Empire:

  • New ways of planning combat strategy allowing better customization of combat planning. meaningful choices over manual inputs

  • New content:

    • New meeting place for receiving different quests and interaction between characters.

    • New shard system to unlock each general

    • Defense and offense abilities that can be selected in different ways to customize the combat strategy.

    • The kill Tree:

      • Each general will have a unique skill tree and set of abilities

      • Skill trees can get expanded through skill points

    • Collect shards:

      • Shards can be collected through multiple places during events

      • Also available as rare drops in the wheel of fortune

      • And through the in-game blacksmith

      • Some shards can also be bought from the shop

      • The generals can be unlocked in the general hub

    • New Game-play loop:

      • The unlocking and improvement of the generals creates a new variation into the game loop.

      • Additionally, the combat part of the game will be reworked

      For all the users actual and new ones:

      • New content (same of the point of Active and lapsed users)

      • Reworked combat system

      • Update of screens to increase usability

      • New game functions

      • More balanced outcomes from battles

      Horatio, The Vereran General: Horatio once fought alongside his dear friend King Eric, until his heart was drawn to the north where he now commands his own castle. He is not a king but has his hands in the country’s politics and seeks to keep a natural balance between kingdoms. Horatio aims to keep wars to a minimum and grow his own influence.

      “I might have seen much in my lifetime but there is just as much I’ve yet to lay my eyes upon.”

      Toril: The Lone Lancer - No affiliations means nobody gets killed when you’re not looking. This is Toril’s mantra. Toril was once the heir of a rich family until she lost it
      all, including her full name. Since then she tries to only look after herself but has a weak spot for those in need. A lance of steel with a heart of gold.
      “My name? They call me Toril. I lost part of my name way back when. No, it’s not Victoria.

      Alyssa: Trader of the Islands - She is the leader of a group of traders from the northern islands who came to the Great Empire all by herself to support her family. Although she might seem reserved, she is quick to make new friends. She loves to strike deals, doesn’t avoid confrontation and enjoys stirring up trouble. Her family tribe means everything to her which is how she worked out a deal with Horatio to protect the most northern borders of the empire.

      “Don’t tell me your life story. Tell me for how much gold you’d sell your shoes and I’ll know everything there is about you!”

      Leo: The Wildland Hunter - Man of the forests, a hunter and gatherer of food and intelligence. Leo trusts his instincts more than any person. He likes keeping a low profile and avoids getting too caught up in the politics of the Great Empire. Instead he focuses on the honest trade, the people, and being one with nature. Leo says he can understand animals and keeps his hawk friend, Falk, with him all the time.

      “It’s the circle of life that keeps us alive, not what big leaders say. Trust your gut and your surroundings more than mere words.”

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      Source: GoodGame Studios - Goodgame Empire

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