Winterfrost Legacy

Winterfrost Legacy

GENRE: Free to play MMO RPG
PLATFORM: Web Browsers


A free to play browser RPG Winterfrost Legacy sees players take on the mantle of the saviour of the world, teaming up with skilled Mercenaries together they must battle against the corrupt and malevolent beings that threaten the mortal realm.


  • 4 Classes to play

  • Hire Merc companions

  • Level up your skills, your Mercs, Mounts and Gear

  • Work out powerful battle Formations

  • Challenge dangerous dungeons

  • Fight against other players in PVP

  • Free to play

  • Browser Gameplay


The core of the game revolves around building up a party of Mercs, equipping your character with weapons, armor and artifacts of power and upgrading everyone’s skills to make them even more powerful. Game content concentrates on questing, PVE dungeons and PVP duels with other players in a bid to reach the top of the scoreboards. Players can build up formations with various Merc charactercs, utilizing strategy to create the most competitive formation and team available.


Players can choose from four unique classes in the game, each having unique skills and abilities to utilize in battle:

  • The Warrior – a powerful defender with strong physical defenses, he is a exceptionally built for being a front line fighter

  • The Mage – physically fragile and best suited on the back line, to make up for this the Mage has extremely powerful magic attacks

  • The Rogue – agile and dexterous this melee combatant dashes into battle with quick strikes and high crit attacks and is able to outmaneuver incoming enemies with his high dodge

  • The Shaman – calling upon the wilds of nature with her powerful beast attacks, this ranged attacker can deal damage and aid allies

As players gain levels they earn skills points that will allow them to both upgrade their skills and unlock new ones that they can use in battle.


To recruit Merc companions players need Anima, a powerful currency that is earned through various methods, but primarily players can acquire it through the Anima Alter; here they can spend Gold to increase the number of Anima they get. At level 55 or by acquiring VIP 1 status players can also earn Great Anima through the Alter, which is blue in colour and allows them to purchased higher quality mercenaries.

Each Merc has their own cost in Anima, but can only be purchased once the player has advanced the story arc and met the character in game; once purchased they become an available teammate that can be added into a formation.


Players start out with an initial formation of 7 interconnecting hexagonal positions (1 central and 6 surrounding it) which represent 2 front line, 3 mid and 2 back line; these positions directly relate to which characters are attacked by an enemy. Frontline fighters will always be attacked first, then mid, then back line, so placing the most defensive Mercs on the frontline and weaker defensively but offensively stronger Mercs on the back line. As players gain levels they are able to place more Mercs into their group as well as unlock bonuses for each position to give benefits and provide Line Bonuses.


Mercs are upgraded by spending Merits acquired in the Merc duels where players actually fight against their own acquired Mercs with their team (which actually includes the Merc they are fighting). Depending on how quickly players are able to kill the Merc determines how many Merits they get. Upgrading Mercs will overall improve their stats as well as unlock new skills for them.

Gear can be upgraded, both weapons, armor and mounts in a variety of ways that will add to the parties overall power, with mounts as it is upgraded it changes the look of it as well.


Combat is very automated in style, players have no control over the Mercs in their group who will use their main abilities when they build up Rage, similarly to player characters, some attacks build Rage whilst other more powerful attacks spend it. Players can select which attacks they use for their character or they can choose to play completely automated.


Web Browser


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