Weapons of Mythology

Weapons of Mythology

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
DEVELOPER: Gamemag Interactive


Weapons of Mythology: New Age provides a full 3D MMORPG complete with classic questing, combat and customization features as players advance through the game as a hero of the realm battling against rising evils and rival Clans. The game is completely free to play and provides solo and team based co-op content.


- 5 Clans with different schools of combat
- Acquire powerful Relics
- Enhance and upgrade gear
- Train pets to help you in combat
- Quest based content
- Extensive PVE
- Free to play


Set during a period of unrest between two rival sects; the Jie and the Zhan, each serves a different king and battle with one another for control of an ancient relic. During this time of conflict an evil has surfaced from the underworld and seeks to sew chaos; only those that control the Relic can save the world.


The core gameplay of Weapons of Mythology revolves around quest based content as players advance a linear main storyline which sees them as the central role, being guided around the world to new areas to seek out greater threats and challenges and ultimately increase your standing within your clan. Players will earn XP and currency by completing quests and killing enemies, which allows them to grow stronger, equip themselves with improved items and unlock new features.


The classes of the game are each represented by one of the five available Clans that players can join when making their character:

Lotus – These noble and wise combatants look out for their partners, as expert healers their purify hearts with their Lotus Fans specialising in a Recovery support style role in combat

Vajra – Preferring to focus on strength and physique their combat style revolves around Defense, focusing on high hitpoints and physical resistance, they use the Spear as their principle weapon and can use it to block incoming enemy attacks

Mist- This Magic imbued clan have found the balance of using powerful magic attacks alongside Taichi sword attacks with unpredictable stances, using magic to augment their abilities they are formidable opponent

Ascension – Melee combatants they are high energy and extremely fast, flying through the sky, sneaking up to their enemies and using their dagger to get the job done with quick, overwhelming attacks

Solar – The ranged clan they are well balanced with their attributes but hone their talents to their keen eyesight and agility to unload a barrage of arrows at their enemy making them a deadly enemy at a distance


Players can acquire new skills as they level up in the game, earning XP through kills and quests, once reaching set level milestones players can unlock new skills for their character as well as purchasing upgrades when they meet further pre-requisites.

Also players earn new abilities from different weapon Relics, able to drag new skills from their gear onto the hotbar, which comes with different sets that players can switch between depending on which weapon they currently have active.


A character can become stronger through the course of the game, each time they level up they increase various stats and their combat power, as well as gaining access to new skills. Gear plays an important role and as well as the general level of any gear acquired and its base stats, players are also about to augment and upgrade their gear and relic in a variety of different ways require time, currency and key resource components. Players can also increase their capabilities by purchasing pets that will grant combat bonuses and perform actions such as auto gathering resources and auto picking p loot.


Combat consists of tabbed targeting combat where players can quickly switch between different enemies, using mana to perform various combat skills in the open world during quests or within instanced based dungeons and quests where plays gain bragging rights and rewards for being able to complete a raid instance in the quickest time. Bosses have some degree of skills based attacks where they make attacks that are indicated by a targeting area on the ground that players can actively jump out of to avoid the attack.


O/S: Windows 7, 8 or 10
CPU: Intel Core Duo 2.7GHz
Video: GeForce GTX 560ti
DirectX Version: 11


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