Developer: Ankama
Platform: Client


Wakfu is a free-to-play turn-based MMORPG that combines an interesting political system with a real, living ecosystem managed by the players. Choosing from 16 original classes, they will dive into a colourful universe to battle monsters and discover and rediscover the World of Twelve, its famous locations and best-known characters. No matter which path they choose, in Wakfu everything depends on the players.


1,000 years after the Dofus Era, the World of Twelve is in ruins, turned upside down by Ogrest’s Chaos with floods, earthquakes and tidal waves. Fortunately, new heroes are emerging, bringing new hope to the desolated lands. In order to heal the world, they have to manage Wakfu, the primordial energy of the universe. This will be no easy task and numerous adventures await them…


- 16 original classes to choose from
- Strategic turn-based battles
- Intricate political system offering the chance to become Governor
- Real, living ecosystem
- Set in the transmedia universe of the World of Twelve
- Completely free to download and to play


Wakfu currently features 16 original classes players may choose from:

Fecas have always been protectors who can’t stand the circumstance that anyone is mistreating or disturbing animals. They have elevated their magic to the grace of an art, but it is as precise as a science. Their shields are like a fifth and said to have lives of their own.

Good of heart, Osamodas are animal summoners whose civilization is founded on caring for the beasts that roam the islands. They are usually accompanied by a Gobgob helping them to capture souls that can be summoned in combat.

The gold rushers of the World of Twelve, Enutrofs like nothing more than counting booty. Trying to make an art of greed, these treasure hunters are often seen with all sorts of adventurers following them around.

Srams are sneaky assassins hiding behind their mysterious masks. They become particularly dangerous when attacking from the rear and can use their traps to manipulate the playing field.

The temporal Magi Xelor created the Divine Clock. His disciples use time as a lethal weapon, enabling them to control the initiative and movement of their enemies.

Ecaflips are warrior gamblers who rule over crook, thief and gold-rusher, playing lady luck with supreme skill and recklessness. They collect game cards and have made fearsome weapons out of them.

Eniripsas have always been renowned for their talent as healers able to double the lifespan of a companion with a single whispered word. Their knowledge of language is unmatched and they are even said to speak many tongues forgotten by all other races.

Iops are renowned for being courageous knights who let their weapons do the talking. Loyal to their god, Iops are spirited, go-getting warriors and formidable, fierce protectors.

Specialising in long-range combat, the disciples of goddess Cra are archers of the highest order. They are in touch with nature, loving nothing more than to retire in peace to their temple where animals are welcomed as their own.

Sadidas are lazy creatures dedicated to protecting plants. These plant summoners won't hesitate in getting very ignoble with anyone who crosses them.

Sacrier disciples are berserkers that become more powerful with each blow from their enemy. These strange creatures are right to be found where the fighting rages and the blood flows or in a tavern.

Excellent fighters, Padawas are real masters in the art of the right-hook and not too bad with an axe either. When lifting their pint to the gods, they are just as active with their tongue as with their fists in combat.

Champions as much as they are felons, Rogues associate intelligence with cunning and use and abuse tools and gadgets to carry out their schemes. At the heart of all this malice, only one thing has any worth in their eyes: family values.

Hunted for their masks that give them their powers, Masqueraiders are suspicious of everything. These lunatic soldiers can appear to be solitary valiant knights or rebels with their own agenda, guided by their faith, their values or their feelings such as vengeance.

Patient and careful, Foggernauts are waiting for the best moment to take action. When fighting, these masters of sabotage enjoy getting on their enemies’ nerves, mentally exhausting them to progressively gain ground until they control the whole surface.

Eliotropes can move through portals, disappearing in the blink of an eye and reappearing someplace else.


The game offers players a huge variety of professions they may specialise their character in, either focusing on harvesting or on crafting. All characters have to learn the Kama Minter profession when they first pass through the starting area. Afterwards, they can choose to additionally be a farmer, fisherman, herbalist, lumberjack, miner and trapper or AoE weapons master, armourer, baker, chef, close-combat weapons master, handyman, jeweller, leather dealer, long-distance weapons master and tailor.
Professions give access to resources, earn money and help rebuild the world. Trappers, for example, are able to gather monster seeds to repopulated territories while lumberjacks and herbalists replant saplings and seeds.


The game world is populated with more than 700 different kinds of monsters. Some are humanoid, other resemble rats or spiders. Players will battle or capture them to make use of their skins, furs or seeds. Depending on their character’s class, some can even be summoned in battle to fight along the player.


Wakfu requires players to choose a nation. Once they have become a citizen, they can vote in the elections and become a guard or a soldier for their nation, having the chance to become an important political figure within the game. The entire system depends solely on the player as they set up laws, elect a governor and form the government.
The player’s loyalty to their nation will be measured in Citizenship Points. These can be earned or lost according to the laws in place, which will depend entirely on the nation they have chosen as their own. Those who violate the laws will surely end up in prison one day.

Finally, the game's international relations will constantly affect the different nations. There are three statuses of relationships between two nations: neutral, allied, enemy. The nation’s governor is in charge of forming alliances or declaring war.


In Wakfu, the ecosystem is in the players’ hands. They hold the power to protect or exploit its resources, their actions having a direct impact upon the world. Players control the number of monsters and plants in each territory, as well as its weather. The responsibility for the environment's future is all theirs. However, they have to be careful, as resources have a direct influence on the development of their character and of their nation as a whole.


Combat in Wakfu is highly tactical and turn-based. A player’s turn lasts 30 seconds, so each participant has the opportunity to move and cast spells, but not everyone, and not at the same time. Players can fight on their own, but the tactical aspect really comes into play when fighting in a group. Up to six players can form a team, and it’s up to them to choose the best combination of classes. Wether fighting monsters or other players, combatants not only have to think about positioning but also have to handle dodging and locking techniques.


Minimum requirements
OS: Windows XP or higher, Mac 10.5.8 or higher (64-bit), Linux
CPU: Pentium IV 2.8 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 950 MB of available space
Video Card: GeForce 4Ti (or ATI equivalent) or better
Internet connection: 56 kbps

Recommended specifications
OS: Windows XP or higher, Mac 10.6 or higher (64-bit), Linux
CPU: Pentium IV 2.8 GHz
HDD: 1.2 GB of available space
Video Card: GeForce 6 series (or ATI equivalent) or better
Internet connection: 128k ADSL


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