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Vikings: War of Clans Free2Play

Vikings: War of Clans is a free to play town management war strategy title that can be played directly in your Internet browser with a quick and easy signup process. Players start as the Jarl of their own small town and Viking clan where they will earn resources, construct buildings, raise an army and expand their borders to conquer AI opponents and even other players. Players can work on their own or with other players to form greater Alliances and fight in larger battles against dozens of opponents.


- Build up your own town
- Construct new buildings and upgrade them
- Earn XP to level up your Jarl and unlock new skills
- Build up your own army
- Complete quests and challenges for extra rewards
- Attack enemy towns and defend your own
- Free to play
- Playable in browser without any client download necessary


Throughout the game players will produce and acquire various types of resources to keep their fledgling clan growing:

Building Materials - resources such as wood, iron and stone brick are necessary in the construction of the various buildings that you can construct within your Castle ground and constructing troops; these can be earned through specialised production buildings that will yield this resource over time or acquired through combat and completion of quests

Food - whilst training troops requires various resources, they will require food to stay and so a good Jarl must ensure they have enough food to feed the their troops

Silver - used in specific tasks such as Fusing gems in the workshops or crafting various armors and weapons in the forge that can be equipped to the Jarl


Towns have numerous available slots dotted around the area that can be used as plots to construct specific building types, allowing for multiples of the same building and a player being able to choose what buildings are more important to them and their strategy. Buildings range from barracks to train up troops, farms, lumberyards and mines for production resources, the Oracle's dwelling to unlock new knowledge, the construction of wall defences and more. As well as building a new building players are also able to upgrade the existing one into a new and improved version that will give extra perks or increase the rate at which resources are acquired, troops are trained, etc..

Building takes not only resources but also time, meaning that your buildings, defences and troops don’t appear automatically, however by spending gold premium currency or earning items that can rush production/training/research you can instantly make this process much quicker, with anything that takes less than five minutes t complete being finished instantly. Production will continue when a player is logged off and allows them to queue certain tasks.


Through completing various tasks and challenges in the form of quests, which guides players through their first steps into the game, players will be rewarded with resources and XP. XP will increase the level of the players own Jarl who in turn can acquire new Skills to benefit their clan, acquire gear and sets to raise their combat ability and aid their units in combat.


With an assembled army players will be able to defend their town from AI invaders and even rival players looking to steal resources from them. Alternatively players can, and will, go on the offensive with their own army and through the World Map can seek out various AI and player targets. Before making an attack players can use Espionage and find out more details about their target, their strengths, weaknesses and how much loot they have to plunder. As troops are stronger or weaker against certain other troop types then players must reorganise their army accordingly based on the findings of their espionage intel.

When a battle is initiated then troops will march to their position and engage their target automatically, players have no involvement in the actual battle and it happens instantly with a Battle Report being issued to say whether the player was victorious, what casualties were gained and inflicted, what resources had been plundered, and more battle information.


Free to play MMO Strategy


Web Browser and mobile devices




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