F2PMeter: Is Vikings: War of Clans Truly Free to Play?

F2PMeter: Is Vikings: War of Clans Truly Free to Play?
F2PMeter: Is Vikings: War of Clans Truly Free to Play?

Vikings: War of Clans is a free to play browser-mobile strategy developed by Plarium. The core of the game revolves around their tried and tested MMO formula as seen in their other strategy titles. Players get to build up their clan, develop their settlement and engage in battles against rival players. Now let’s put it through the F2PMeter and find out how free it actually is!
Does the game require an initial purchase?


No purchases are required to play the game.
Does the game require any continued paid subscription?

'No (but...)' takes away 10%

There is no required subscription, but the game does have a VIP system where players can pay to activate the VIP status for 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days. A players VIP level, and the boosts they get, can be increased by purchasing VIP points with real money.
Does the game require spending money on DLC packs or expansions?


The game has no DLC.
Does the game support micro-transactions? Can anything be purchased in-game using real world money?

'Yes' takes away 5%

Rushing constructing, training and research, buying in game resources, or purchasing various Gold packages for more premium currency are all microtransaction options. Gold packages provide the additional benefit of giving players various booster items depending on the package that was purchased.
Do any of the micro-transactions give players an advantages?

'Yes' takes away 15%

In practically every way players can spend real money to gain advantage. Whilst early in the game the advantages are more for convenience, at later game and in competitive circles, the premium currency offers a greater advantage.
Is the user interface customization restricted to paid options?


The UI cannot be customized.
Does the game give access to all available classes and/or races?


Players are able to choose a character portrait and customize their hero, but there are no races or classes.
Does the game require have limitations to how the 'Auction House' /Market/Trade system is accessed?


Players can trade with each other freely.
Are personal inventory and/or bank slots limited at all?


Vault storage and inventory has no limitations for players.
Are all dungeons and zones accessible without purchases?


All areas in the game can be accessed.
Does the game restrict high endgame content (PVE, Raids or PvP)?


All PVE and PVP content and events are accessible for free.
Can the game be fully enjoyed without ever having to spend a ‘penny’?

'Yes' adds 10%

The pure saturation of microtransactions that are part of every aspect of the game show the great potential for pay to win/pay for advantage in Vikings: War of Clans. For casual players they can get by just fine without paying any money, but for competitive players they will undoubtedly have to pay cash, even if just to increase their VIP level.

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