Tiny Mighty

Tiny Mighty

GENRE: Free to play RPG
PLATFORM: Internet Browsers


A free to play browser MMO Tiny Mighty allows players to collect various Hero commanders and put together their own team to fight against evil forces in a team building, quest focused RPG. With colourful graphics, automated gameplay and basic mechanics the game is appropriate and playable by people of all ages.


  • Over 40 different heroes to collect

  • Gather gear and equip your heroes

  • Quest based story progression

  • Acquire new skills as you level up

  • PVP and PVE content

  • Automated game mechanics

  • Browser gameplay

  • Free to play


At its core Mighty Tiny is a traditional team assembling RPG where players assemble a group of fighters, equip them and spend Gold currency to level them up and improve their abilities. As teams get stronger they can progress through the more challenging levels, earn more gear, acquire new Heroes and then continue to advance, unlocking new features along the way.


The Heroes in the game are designed around some of the most popular Marvel superheroes, copying their look and design and refashioning them into small fat cutesy heroes with different names and slightly different colours e.g. The Hunk being a blue version of The Hulk, Arachnid being a pink and green version of Spider-Man, Metal Mask a black and gold version of Iron Man. Some characters are essentially the same as their Marvel imitations, with Captain Mars having the same red, white and blue costume and shield of Captain America, only sporting an M instead of an A.

Heroes fall into three different types: Dexterity based, Strength based or Intelligence based, as well as whether they are Front line, Back line or Mid position hero, with the Back line usually made for the more squishy characters and the powerful tanks being up front. Heroes can be summoned with summoning crystals through the Tavern feature when it is unlocked, or acquired through the Lottery Wheel or as rewards.


Each Hero has a maximum of 4 skills that they can unlock, depending on the Division that the Hero is in: Grey (1 skill), Green (2 skills), Blue (3 skills) or Purple (4 skills), signifying the rarity of such a hero and its overall power level. In combat Heroes have basic attacks but build up energy with each attack to unleash all their skills in one go, so the more skills they have unlocked (which can be individually improved by spending Gold) the more powerful the Hero.

To Upgrade a Hero players must collect gear and equip the Heroes with it, each Hero has six pieces of specific equipment that it needs, many pieces being needed by multiple Heroes. When all six pieces are equipped the player can Upgrade the hero to increase its Division, thereby destroying the equipped items and giving them new gear pre-requisites that they must collect; the higher the Division the more difficult the gear is to acquire.


Players will pick up quests that typically take you into an instanced level through a portal, here players can try to beat the various stages of that level in order using up to 5 heroes. Each level consists of three or more areas that the Heroes move through ending with a fight against one or more enemy Heroes. Certain levels may be difficult depending upon your team composition and so players have to acquire and level up a variety of Heroes to defeat a stage and the level.

Combat itself is near completely automated, the Heroes will automatically progress from area to area, attacking whatever enemies appear in front of them with very little input from the player aside from deciding when to trigger the Skill attacks after they have built up. Once a stage has been completed once players are able to go back over it repeatedly to get the specific item reward that it gives, usually needed to equip a hero, during repeat attempts players can Auto Battle so the AI will also choose when to use Skill attacks, or use the Blitz Tokens to automatically complete the fight.

All quests, dungeons and PVE use Stamina, which replenishes slowly over time, otherwise players must spend Diamonds premium currency to recover their stamina and continue playing the game.


Web Browser


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