The Skies

The Skies

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Windows and Steam


The Skies is a futuristic post-apocalyptic MMORPG set in the Wastelands, a desert filled with bandits, mutated creatures and honest citizens looking to make a life for themselves and simply survive this harsh world. With strong story driven quest content, an open sandbox world to explore, open world and Clan focused PVP, The Skies is a features packed title that is completely free to play.


- Create your own character
- Customize their skills and abilities
- Explore a huge sandbox world
- Dynamic quests
- Post-apocalyptic theme (no aliens or robots)
- Open-world and Clan based PVP
- Capture settlements and control them
- Free to play


In the early 21st Century solar activity dramatically increased and the scorching sun saw the fall of power sources, governments and infrastructure as the land was consumed by a dust that blocked out the sun for one hundred and fifty years. The dust has settled and the world as we knew it has all but disappeared, remnants remain in this post-apocalyptic world of what once was, and now those who have survived seek to eek a life out for themselves in the few remaining settlements, where others prey to take those scraps from them and live a life of crime out in the Wastelands.


Players are able to customize the look of their character with a variety of hairstyles, tattoos and more to give them their unique appearance in the world. More importantly players start with character points to spend in both their primary attributes and secondary specializations:

Primary Attributes – Broken down into six main areas (Dexterity, Strength, Intelligence, Endurance, Luck and Technology) these core attributes give players different benefits such as improved Strength allowing players to carry more items and use melee “Cold” weapons, or Intelligence giving more dialogue options in speech and a the ability to trade/barter better with NPCs

Specializations – Each attribute has three skill specializations associated with it, whilst the attributes give some base knowledge in these areas players are able to further specialize into them for a higher degree of knowledge. Where strength allows a rudimentary use of melee weapons, the “Cold Weapons” specialization will make the player more melee combat focused. Some elements of the world have specific skill requirements before they can be used, such as some chests and safes requiring a high “Theft” specialization to pick the locks.


Questing is one of the key areas of the game; it is a source of XP, currency, items and also a way to further a player’s character’s story. Many NPCs around the world have missions for players, but many of them can be completed in different ways, or success and failure can open up new avenues and missions whilst closing off others. This dynamic quest system means that each player’s story is unique, the decisions they make will affect future outcomes, as well as this the skills that they have can also directly impact the options that they have available to them such as roughing up a gang rival or using your high Intelligence to try and talk to them and reason with them.


Out in the Wastelands is a dangerous place, filled with plenty of mutated creatures and roaming bandit gangs, but the biggest threats are other players. Outside the wide vicinity of the main town settlement of Kimary is the PVP zone, an open world area where players are free to fight each other and battle over reputation and territory.


Going alone isn’t safe and so players can create their own Clans or join pre-existing ones, these Clans can be those stoic protectors who head into the wilds to take out bandits and escort caravans, or they can be the bandits themselves fighting over the fallen settlements in the Wastelands. Clans are able to battle each other for control of different towns, earning a percentage of the settlements income, as well as being able to rule over their sworn Faction and help lead the other allied clans.


There are a variety of arena style PVP games that players can battle in if they wish to avoid world PVP, either fighting with your clan or as an individual, these objective focused team battles allow players to battle for fun, rank and rewards.


O/S: Windows 7 or 8
CPU: Intel Core i5-650 or above
Video: NVidia GeForce GTX 660ti (2GB memory) or higher
Sound: Compatible with DirectX


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