Swords of Divinity

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Free to play and accessible through web browser (Facebook) Swords of Divinity offers a fantasy based MMORPG that focuses on building up a team of mercenaries and battling through PVE and PVP focused content, arming a team, levelling them up and unlocking new features.


- Four character classes
- Automated combat
- Quest focused PVE
- Arena PVP
- Level up Mercenaries
- Acquire and upgrade gear
- Free to play
- Facebook MMORPG


The core of the game focuses on building a team of mercenaries and keeping them trained up to make the player’s team stronger and increase their overall “Combat Power”, the numerical representation of how powerful your team is based on the characters, their levels, abilities and gear. As the players main hero level increases they will gain access to new features that allow the take on more challenging content as well as elements that help their characters become even stronger.


Players start the game by choosing one of four main classes, either a male of a female, from the Knight, Priest, Archer or Mage:

Knight – A melee focused combatant with strong defenses and attack

Mage – Able to harness the elements this caster performs magical area of attack spells

Priest – Using divine aid they can heal up allies and hinder opponents

Archer – Keen-eyed and precise this ranged fighter focuses on critical physical strikes

Each class has a number of different skills which are unlocked, as they are the main character to a combat team the Mercenary companions that a player recruits will revolve primarily around their main character; determining their strategy and combat style.


Mercenaries are hired companions that join a player’s group, the player manages their team able to switch around which mercenaries fight in their battle formation from those they have recruited. Mercs are recruited from the Tavern area by acquiring various “Wines” using Wine Tokens, the quality of the drink determines the quality of Merc a player can recruit Rum (green) recruits uncommon (green) Mercs, Gin (blue) recruits common (blue) Mercs, Whiskey (purple) recruits rare (purple) Mercs and finally Legendary Hero Shards (orange) recruit Legendary Heroes. The quality of a merc represents their stats, grade and combat power, as well as typically how expensive they are in Wine Tokens to recruit.


Mercs, and the player’s Hero, can be upgraded in a wide variety of ways usually requiring currency or some type of special item to boost the character and increase their stats, level or abilities. By spending EXP potions a Merc can be levelled up as high as the Hero, once reaching certain levels a Merc can then be boosted to grant them extra stats and more skills. Players can equip and upgrade various items and weapons, attaching gem boosts, upgrading mounts and more.


The game offers a wide array of PVE options with a quest campaign, stage based repeatable dungeons for loot, even a World Boss where player teams battle against powerful enemies as many times as possible earning rewards for dealing as much damage as they can. PVP mostly revolves around the PVP Arena where players challenge each other’s teams in the hopes of climbing the ranks and earning rewards based off their position.


The game has a number of mini-games that add a different element to common features, such as a prayer system where the gods hurl down benefits and gifts to the player and they move a jug left to right with the arrow keys to catch the gifts. A stamina replenishment system has players clicking a gong as fast as they can which shows their character eating food in a tavern as quickly as possible, building up their strength, and from time to time they must quickly click some ale to wash it down.


Some of the features in the game have restrictions on them only allowing players to attempt them a set number of times, others use up the players Stamina which replenishes slowly over time. Players can spend premium Gold currency purchased with real cash to refresh cooldowns or increase energy, as well as this they can use it to purchase VIP that grants numerous benefits such as increasing character stats, daily Silver, and various other privileges.


Web browser


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