GENRE: Free-to-play MOBA
DEVELOPER: Primal Game Studio


This free to play futuristic themed MOBA pits two teams of five against each other in a traditional three lane MOBA experience with a twist. Players work together as either Cyborgs or Humans in exciting PvP and go up against other teams with the ultimate objective of dominating the enemies’ base and destroy their main Auger building to claim victory.


- 12 Commanders to choose with more constantly added
- Level up in battle and improve your Commander’s abilities
- Determine the makeup of your Armies that will march down the lanes
- Take camp objectives and battle against aliens and cyborgs to recruit them to your side
- Strategic fast travel options between your base and the frontline
- Completely free to play


At its core Supernova is a traditional Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, players choose their side and fight in strategic coop games where both teams share the same objective: destroy the enemy Auger. Teams are made up of five unique Commanders, each with their own skills and traits, who in turn control a part of the army that will continue to push into the enemy base. High levels of tactical coordination are required for players to successfully balance between defending and attacking when in the heat of battle and also keeping track of their Army’s success.


The Commanders are broken down into two factions in the war of the future; the Humans and the Cyborgs, each side has their own Commander that fall into a variety of different roles, whether melee or ranged; Caster, Brawler, Sniper, Assassin, Support or Tank. To ensure each Commander can perform their role properly they are equipped with specific attributes that determine their Weapon Range, Weapon Damage, Armor, Maximum Health, Maximum Energy, Attack Speed and Movement Speed; which in turn define their main Commander characters showing their Offense, Utility, Defense and the Difficulty to play as that Commander.

Bloat – A cybernetic creation from a cruel and twisted bygone race known only as the Harvesters, few know of this floating machine with Frankenstein like skin patched together over its exterior, focusing on defense his Entrapolizer deals damage and drags enemies towards him whilst healing a percentage of the damage

Nefera – A mysterious Planetstrider from a dimensional plane known only as Arelon, she has been documented throughout time having appeared to Ancient Egyptians, Celts and even the Vikings. This cyborg is able to user her Blinding Void attack to shoot a ball of energy in a line and silences enemies then does the same again as the ball comes floating back towards her

Maxim – Armed in his mech suit he loves battle and doesn’t think much of those who don’t participate in the Gilesian Civil War, only twelve when the war began he was in awe of his heroic father who fought; wielding a huge hammer he is able to smash his foes or hurl projectiles with his Hammer Blast dealing damage to anything in his path


Unlike other MOBA the “minion waves” in Supernova are considerably more detailed and players are more hands on with their construction, earning resource points as they advance through the game players are able to mix and match the units that they want to construct in their lanes wave. Using a rock-paper-scissors system against land and air units it is the constant monitoring of the lanes and your armies progression that adds a new unique element to the game, players can purchase new unit types and create their own combinations to match and outsmart their enemies’ Army.


The maps are divided into three traditional lanes with automated turrets along the way to take out enemies, to destroy them players will have to work together to help push their Armies’ down the lanes. In between lanes players are able to try and take down a number of camps who, if destroyed, will temporarily give their services to the player and their team. Commanders are able to summon a personal ship to perform an Evacuation back to their base/Auger, useful for replenishing health and energy or spending acquired Attribute points to improve the Commander that they have earned in battle. When a player is ready to jump back into the game they can use the Deploy ability to be dropped on any allied structure, allied Army unit or friendly player to get back into battle (albeit there is a long cooldown on this ability).


O/S: Windows 7, Windows 8
CPU: Intel Dual Core 2+ GHz
Video: Nvidia GTX 470 or higher
DirectX Version: 9.0c


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  1. kero December 17, 2017 at 9:38 PM -

    Game development discontinued most likely. Radio silence by devs for about 1 year.

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