Stormfall: Age of War

Stormfall: Age of War or just Strormfall is a Free-to-play Strategy MMO, The mobile version have the name Stromfall Rise of Balur.

GENRE: Free to play Strategy MMO
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Stormfall Age of War is a free to play browser-based strategy MMO that takes place in a fallen fantasy kingdom where Lords of ancient houses do battle with one another to try and claim the land as their own; you play as one such Lord. Use a strategy, warfare and diplomacy to forge alliances with other players or join up in great leagues to defeat and destroy your enemies.


- In-depth strategic gameplay
- Build up your own Castle constructing a variety of buildings
- Raise a mighty army of soldiers, monsters and siege weapons
- Gather resources to ensure the smooth running of your Empire
- Compete against rival players and take their resources for your own
- Work together with other players and form an alliance
- Use trade, diplomacy or conquest to get what you need
- Accessible through your Internet browser
- Completely free to play


The old great empire of Stormfall’s is but a distant memory and the land of Darkshine is now in a constant state of war as rivalling Lords fight amongst each other to try and claim what remains of this shattered Kingdom. Col forth by Lord Oberon you are tasked to expand and fortify your own Castle, seeking out the lost arts and raising an army as you bring diplomacy to your allies and destruction to your enemies.


The primary element of the game is to establish and build up your own Castle, using your personal plots of land you must develop your keep into a fortified stronghold for you and the people you serve. It is your base of operations where your attacks will be waged from and in turn where you must defend as your enemies try to scale your mighty walls. A Castle is the primary source of your accrued wealth and total resources, where your armies will be trained and the birthplace of your fledgling Empire.


Players will be tasked in discovering and mastering the mysteries of the Lost Arts, this tech tree style system allows you to unlock new buildings, train up new fighting units and tame monstrous beasts to be used against your enemies. As well as unlocking new arts players are also able to upgrade the units and buildings they have already unlocked. By gathering ancient scrolls players are able to piece together these ancient art forms, a new scroll is on locked every day that you play, but they are also tangible items that can be traded between other players over the market and through your own House of Scrolls.


To get ahead in the world it is important to discover and manage your available resources, with three primary resources that will be used in the day-to-day running of your Empire (gold, food and iron). These resources are typically gathered by the types of buildings you have constructed within your borders, farms to create food, mines to uncover iron and the populous to tax will give you a steady income. Players must continue to improve their resource production with upgrades of buildings, including warehouses to store more of their resources. Resources are used in many ways, I in used for construction and equipment, gold used to purchase items at the market and food is primarily used to maintain and feed your army, each unit having an hourly consumption of food and so a large army requires a large stockpile of food. Being fully self-sufficient is a difficult task and many Lords will turn their eyes to the neighbouring rivals and raid their lands to claim their resources for their own or open diplomatic talks to trade for what they need with their allies.


Constructing an army and by keeping it maintained with food is key to survival, as well as surrounding yourself with powerful allies lest they become powerful enemies. An army is useful not only for raiding and bringing your enemies to their knees but also to defend your own territory, and that of your allies, should greedy eyes turn upon your lands. Align yourself with other Lords to make special alliances known as Leagues, work together to fight against the AI Hordes of Balur or rival Leagues in aggressive competitive gameplay were players can unlock new achievements and special attributes as everyone fights for the throne of Stormfall.


Web Browser


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