Seas of Gold

Seas of Gold

GENRE: Free to play Strategy MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browsers


Seas of Gold is a free to play RPG for Internet Browsers with tactical combat and story/questing elements. Players build up a team of sea Captains and travel across the ocean taking on challenges to earn rewards and ranks, whether PVE or PVP. It also includes other features such as pets and crafting. Players are able to spend real cash on Diamonds to spend in the shop or upgrade their VIP status, which grants their account more perks to help them in the game.


- Four different characters to choose
- Build up your ship, equipment and skills
- Recruit new Captains into your fleet
- Craft ships
- Complete quests for NPCs
- Fight against players in the Arena
- Free to play
- Accessible through web browser


The core of the game revolves around trying to improve your own character through a variety of means, advancing skills, upgrading ships, equipping new weapons, and more, to try and improve the player’s Power rating. To do this players will progress through the game, gaining XP to level up and unlock new features, as well as advancing the story through different quests that will take players to different areas in the game.


Players begin with their own captain and ship, by taking on a few initial quests they will be rewarded with various items and materials as well as gold and XP to level their character up and acquire gear to improve themselves. There are various areas of improvement to build up a Power rating, starting with the Captains skills; by acquiring Skill Books the Captains can learn their specific skills that can be used in combat. A Captain is only as good as their ship and so players can earn new ships, purchase them with gold and diamonds or even craft them through the Shipyard feature with acquired materials. Each ship has set materials that are required to build it earned from specific instances that the player can repeat to farm materials. Finally equipment is needed to make your ships stronger; each ship has a number of equipment slots that can be filled with cannons, rudders, decks and other components.


Heading into the Tavern feature players will have the opportunity to hire on other Captains that will join their crew; similar to the players own Captain each of these will also require the same level up upgrades to their character, ship and gear. Players can spend premium items to get a better selection of Captains from the Tavern that have improved stats; when in battle these Captains can be summoned to assist the player.


The battlegrounds take the form of a grid based map broken into different squares, teams take it in turns to move around the map, their movement based on the stats of their ship, and the objective is to try and destroy the enemy team. As ships can only move a set number of squares, can only fire a set distance, and must navigate around the map around both enemies and terrain such as rocks, combat is actually quite high strategy.

Players do not have to fight their battles alone, and the Captains recruited for their fleet can be summoned to aid them, though the player does not control them directly, instead they have their own rules and actions that they follow.


Working very similarly to PVE battles players can challenge each other through the Arena and try to gain rank, as well as reward for daily and weekly rank advancement. When fighting against a player that player doesn’t fight themselves and instead their character and fleet are controlled by the game; essentially still making it PVE but going up against a players’ team to see how well they have built up their characters and the strategy they have tried to employ.


There are dozens of events that players can get involved in, everything from spinning the wheel to win prizes, daily logins, world boss events and more; some are set at certain times of the day whereas others have level requirements or are more premium focused events.


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