Genre: Free to play Real Time Strategy MMO
Platform: Windows
Developer: Silverlode


Up persistent online MMO RTS places you in charge of your own army and responsible for building up your own castles cities. Providing players stay active within the game any purchased troops of conquered lands remain theirs, each time you go up against your friends it means you won’t have to do rebuild your own castles from scratch, bundles mean that any troops killed or buildings damaged must be resurrected and repaired by you.


Set within a fantasy realm of ancient gods that compete against one another, championed by their own faction of loyal worshippers that live and die for them. Six gods that rule over this world are each responsible for their own faction, race, each of which has their own unique abilities: Dark Elves (Magic), Dwarves (Machines), Elves (Nature), Orcs (War), Undead (Undead) and Giants (Light).

Every faction has two specific warring factions that they oppose, the magical dark elves and nature loving elves hate the machine driven dwarves due to the natural opposition of magic and nature to technology. Similarly nature opposes war, where one favors life and the other death, Light champion justice and order and are aggressive towards the chaotic nature of magic.

Each of the factions have their own philosophy, culture and strategic quality which makes it unique and in turn offers a number of different play styles for players to choose one that best suits their preference. Given the balanced tension that exists between these factions where there are two constant enemies and two neutral factions, that can either be made allies or enemies, the end result is a shifting dynamic world of endless war, diplomacy and betrayal.


Every player is allotted their own plot of territory by their chosen factions God, which they are tasked with improving by constructing buildings and defences as well as researching powerful technologies and gathering much needed resources in classic RTS style.

When creating your own nation the player is able to select their nations layout and as their borders grow they are able to build upon this land using the automated “free build“ system, which allows players to construct buildings in any available spot they choose books are limited to the number of each particular building they can construct. Users can play resources upon coloured squares, though they are not limited and there is an excess of squares available.

Booster Packs

the game is completely free to play and has no subscription option, however players are able to purchase troops from booster packs. Troops game this way permanently remain part of a players property, but they can be exchanged and players that wish to trade troops. The more troops are used the more powerful they become as the game experience, weapons and new armour.

System Requirement

Operating System: Win XP / Win 2000 / Win Vista
Processor: Pentium4
Memory: 512MB RAM
Hard Drive Space: 1.5GB
Graphics: pixel-shader 2.0 (for tree/grass rendering), 128mb, OpenGL 1.4 support


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