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  • Twin Saga New dungeons
  • Twin Saga New dungeons, more Senshi’s and multiple Events to explore! Patch 17 introduces a plethora of new features to the anime MMORPG Twin Saga, including two new dungeons, additional Senshi quests and several special events. Anime-MMORP Twin Saga - Twin Saga: New dungeons, more...
  • First Impressions on Crystal Saga II
  • First Impressions on Crystal Saga II, Crystal Saga 2 Review   This week we checked out Crystal Saga II from R2Games, a new free to play anime browser-based RPG, sequel to game with the same name: Crystal Saga. Interested to see what the game had to offer, we spent some hours playing...
  • Twin Saga Explorer Pack Giveaway
  • Twin Saga Explorer Pack Giveaway   Starting today and through May 7, we'll be giving away special Explorer Packs for Twin Saga. This giveaway is exclusive for new players. All you have to do is following the instructions below. And you can redeem your code starting tomorrow, May...


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    sounds cool 😀