Rumble Fighter

GENRE: MMO Beat 'em up


Rumble Fighter is a fast-paced free-to-play MMO Beat 'em up where up to 8 players can fight each other in several arenas with action gameplay and several moves such as blocks, attacks and special abilities. The game is very intuitive and easy to learn and will let you choose between the classic keyboard or a gamepad setup to have that nice old-school feeling that will be way more familiar to console players.


- Character customization through facial features, clothing, accessories and transformation items
- Unique skill system based on ExoCore and Sacred Scrolls
- Two main game modes: battle mode and rumble mode, aimed at team play and individual play.
- Free-to-play


Many years ago the terrible Shadow King was trying to conquer the whole world destroying anybody crazy enough to try to stop it. Heroes from all over the world rose to fight him but nobody was powerful enough to beat him. The martyrs that fell under his blows came back as the Dark Guardians. In the end the brave fighters managed to capure his evil spirit and defeated him, sealing him in an undisclosed hidden place known as "Resurrection". However, they couldn't stop the Dark Guardians, who run away and now are still waiting for their chance to find and free their king and try to destroy the world once again.

Right now a huge war is being fight between good and evil forces, as the seals that keep the Shadow King in prison are starting to decay. In order to find new heroes that will save the world once again, a Rumble Fighter Tournament is held and all the best fighter are coming to show their value.


Soul Fighter: They are quck and agile fighters but offer a weak defense and are more suited to a hit-and-run fighting strategy. They can call upon other living souls for power.

Striker: Is a balanced martial art specialist who hits hard and is very capable in close combat.

Elementalist: They have powerful skill attacks but weak defense and offense. Powerful psychic fighters which can be a real danger from the distance.

Shaman: Well balanced fighters, they can control natures thanks to a deep connection with spirits and souls.

Alchemist: Well armored but slow fighters, the alchemists can take a lot of hits and then counterattack with powerful special skills.


Players can join 5 different channels: beginner,amateur, semi-pro, professional and open, each one being best suited to a certain level of player skill. Moreover, player will also be able to participate in tournaments and special events.

Beginner channel – Channel for new players that will start here their experience. Once they are confident enough with their skills and have proven to be strong enough, they can move to the next channe.

Amateur channel – In this channel players will be able to try the Rumble Mode fights and things will start to get serious.

Semi-Pro channel – The competition starts to get serious here and players need to be ready for high level challenger.

Professional channel – This is the top tier and only the best fighters manage to get here. Here is where the most epic battles happen.

Open channel (Any level) – This is the free channel and it hosts the widest range of competitions. Any players can join this channel at any time.


The game offer an enchant system that allow players to upgrade and customize their items with 5 types of enchants, that will improve defense, power, SP, HP and stats through gems.

Gems can be upgraded and socketed into tops, bottoms and gloves, each piece of equip requiring a certain gem type.


CPU: Pentium4 2GHZ and higher(AMD and Celeron)
RAM: 1GB and more
Graphic Card: DirectX 3D acceleration compatible card with 128 MB and more Video card(Geforce3 Ti, ATI Radeon 9500)


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