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Take your place as a pirate of the seven seas, sending your enemies to a watery grave and seeking out glory and riches for you and your crew as you battle dangerous enemies and mysterious sea creatures. Gain notoriety as you battle upon the wave and claim your title as the most feared pirate to take to the seas and defend your glory with blade and cannon!


An F2P MMORPG that is playable within your internet browser, Pirate Storm takes you to the age of sail and fearsome pirate; customize your ship and head pick up dozens of quests to journey solo of with your friends, a new group or your guild.

With both PvE and PvP combat available, fighting against sea creatures, rival pirates, journey across three regions with twelve available unique maps that chart the entire playable world.


• Completely free to play and playable through your browser
• Fast paced combat on the seven seas squaring off against dread pirate and monstrous sea creatures
• Gain XP and level up your fully customizable ship, equipping it with all manner of gear
• Explore three regions broken up into 12 maps, with over 100 available quests
• Fight solo, in a group or join a guild to raid others for gold, glory and prizes!
• Translated into English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, Polish and Brazilian


Captain a variety of different ships:
The Sloop – A fast and agile single-mast ship that trades toughness for speed
The Brigantine – Two-masted and tougher than smaller ships, it can handle itself in the open seas
The War Brigantine – The improved version of a standard Brigantine, this vessel is equipped to be a serious contender in battle
The Frigate – Versatile for all combat situations, this warship is a fearsome sight to behold on the ocean
The Large Frigate – This vessel commands respect bringing destruction to its enemies


When a player reaches a required level they are able to create a guild or join a pre-existing one, claiming their own island on the Guild Island map, where they can construct buildings, defences and ensure it is protected against raiding rival guilds. In the meantime guilds can head out raiding other guilds islands to earn points and increase their rank with the top ten guilds earning unique rewards as well as a mass of bonus loot, upgraded abilities and the top guild being named “War Master” for the month.


Web browser.
Internet connection.


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