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This fast-paced battle packed free to play MMO is loosely inspired by Greek mythology and the war that raised between the Titans and the Olympians, players step into the shoes of a hero tasked with fighting back the ancient evils that have been released from Pandora’s Box. With a multitude of features and systems built into the game there is plenty to do in the game caters towards all different types of players. Mythborne can be played in your Internet browser and so does not require any type of client download to play.


  • Adventure through an ancient fantasy realm of heroes and monsters

  • Build up your own character from five different classes

  • Recruit powerful heroes into your group

  • A wide variety of different PVP and PVE features

  • Acquire new gear, enhance it, refine it and make yourself more powerful

  • Free to play RPG

  • Browser-based gameplay


The world was once filled with all types of evil that threatened humankind, handful of chosen followers pray to the gods to be blessed with their awesome power and with their blessing set off to slay the Dragon That Eats the Stars and the Giant Snake that lives beneath the sea. Once these foul beasts were slain peace was restored to the world for a time until war broke out between The Olympian gods and The Titans, a war that raged within the heavens until the Titans were almost defeated. With their last act the opened Pandora’s Box and released all manner of evil back into the world and now the people cry out for a hero.


Mythborne is in many ways a story driven RPG with all manner of quests and story lines players to explore as they uncover the lore and events that have shaped the world and how they play a part in it. Primarily the game focuses mostly on players trying to build up their Battle Rating by levelling up their character, improving their gear and accessories and recruiting new Heroes into their group.

One of the core mechanics in the game is Stamina, each player having a stamina bar that will deplete when they perform actions such as fighting in the Arena or exploring the instanced dungeons. Stamina replenishes every hour players are able to purchase Stamina Boosts if they do not wish to wait, however a player can only use a number of Stamina refreshes depending on their VIP level (a premium purchase using real-world money to upgrade players account).


Heroes can be recruited from many walks of life, from Immortals, Gods to even some of the Titans themselves such as Medusa. These heroes can be recruited primarily through the Tavern where players must acquire Ale to recruit them into their group, the higher the level of Hero the higher the level of Ale a player will require, or some heroes are also enlisted through special events.

These heroes have powerful abilities and will directly affects a players Battle Rating, but the most important role is that they can make up the positions in your squad that you cannot fill with your own class i.e. playing as a support class means players can focus on recruiting tank-based heroes and putting them into their formation.


There is a number of different features that players who enjoy PvE can get involved in, particularly questing were players will be sent to different areas to kill creatures and bosses as well as other systems such as The Abyss and War Gods, both of which puts players up against powerful creatures that grow in strength and numbers as the player holds them back and fights the more. PvE is a great way to gain a variety of rewards, buffs and XP to help the player level up so that more features and content are on locked as well as making the player more powerful.


Much of the later game content is dominated by PVP orientated features where players can either fight one-on-one in The Arena and fight for pride, prestige and position on the Arena ladder, alternatively players can fight alongside their Guildmates in the Guild Welfare system


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