First Look at Mythborne

First Look at Mythborne
We took a look at Mythborne, one of the new MMORPGs from R2Games (the company behind well-known titles such as League of Angels and Wartune) and got our hands on their new title; a Greek Mythology inspired free to play team building MMO. Like many of the MMO RPGs published by R2Games in the game very much takes its lead from its predecessors and many of the functions and features are identical to those seen in their other titles, we thought we’d take a look and see what was different.

The game can instantly offers up some beautiful imagery and create a breath taking an immersive world designed with such detail and attention that it would is well worthy of mention. Whilst the game is very similar to others in the genre there were a few enhancements here and there that we managed to take advantage of as we blasted through the first 20 levels of content. Check out our video to see just how we got on and find out what we thought about the game.

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