Luvinia World

Developer: Shanda Games

Platform: Windows


Luvinia World – formerly know as Luvinia Online – is a free-to-play fantasy-themed MMORPG with anime-styled graphics. Players will delve into a colourful world inhabited by Humans, Orcs, Elves, Dwarves and a plethora of beasts. They will embark on a journey to dominate the world - weapons, fighting, heroes, enemies, greed, power, everything will be involved.


The world of Luvinia is a beautiful place that finally has regained an unstable peace after the Great War. The Humans ultimately claimed victory, but their six divided nations still watch with suspicious eyes, fearing another sudden conflict might ravage their land and lives once again.

Driven back into the Northwest desert, the barbaric Orcs pose the most dangerous threat as they prepare a monstrous army in hopes to ruin the Humans entirely and reclaim their homelands. During the Great War, they were joined by the Elves, the oldest race of Luvinia, who hoped to rid Luvinia from the Humans’ destructive blundering. After their humiliating defeat, they retreated into the Southwest lick their wounds. And rumours say that the next time, even the Dwarves would side with Orcs and Elves to take vengeance against the Humans.

To protect Luvinia from another war, the six Human nations called on Sage Geneway, a decorated war hero, to train a new generation of guardians, teaching them warfare and magic.


- 3 distinct classes offering several subclasses to specialise in

- Divers and lush 3D environments

- Bright and colourful anime-styled graphics

- Marriage system

- Multiple in-game events

- Community driven game changes

- Completely free-to-play


The human race – the only playable race in the game – is divided into two factions, each comprised of three nations. The Empire faction is made up of the following nations:

Wind Kingdom Mentephy

Mentephy is an oasis to the desert, a jewel to the ocean. People of Mentephy realize that only strengthening their nation can keep this star of the desert shining forever.

Moon Kingdom Roderue

A nation reigned by military government, Roderue is the mightiest. Its soldiers pervade the whole nation with an ethos of fortitude.

Sea Kingdom Borfielt

Borfielt is a costal nation that holds an extremely powerful navy force. Its large merchant fleets set sail at the guardian of warships.

These nations form the Federation:

Cloud Kingdom Snalter

The ocean provides Snalter with wealth, talent, and democracy, allowing the people of Snalter an easy and cosy life.

Sky Kingdom Malander

Malander pursues the political theory that freedom means their nation will flourish. People of Malander live freely without centralization and dictatorship.

Star Kingdom Pureaen

Absorbed both the advantages from Snalter and Malander, Pureaen grew into a flourishing nation almost in a single night. This powerful nation fills its people with pride and honour.


Luvinia World offers three distinct classes player may choose from, each of which allows specialising in several subclasses:


Warriors will specialise as Knight or Fighter. The Knight allows advancing to Paladin and Dark Knight, The Fighter can turn into Swordsman and Berserker.


Rogues are able to specialise as Artist or Scout. While the Artist may advance to Sword Dancer and Bard, the Scout can become a Watchman and Assassin.


Mystics may specialise as Warlock or Priests. The Warlock offers the possibilities to evolve to Wizard and Necromancer while Priests may become Bishop and Sage.


The game offers players the opportunity to get married when they have reached a certain level and got a special someone of the opposite sex. They will need wedding rings, wedding attire and a wedding venue reservation. Together they will meet a specific NPC to receive the wedding quest in order to have a romantic ceremony with guests and gifts, etc.

In case their relationship isn’t meant to last, players can also get divorced in-game, either by mutual agreement or single-sided decision.


The Beauty Salon is all about making your character your way. It's a convenient way for players to give their character a virtual makeover with unique face and hair styles. To do so, they need a fragrant mash, a fragrant greasy mixture necessary to change face style, and a Moonsiler Mucus, an extremely sticky liquid that shines like a diamond required to change the hair style.


Minimal requirements

OS: Windows XP
CPU: Pentium 4 1.8 GHz
RAM: 512 MB


Video card: GeForce 4

Recommended specifications

OS: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7

CPU: Pentium 4 2.4 GHZ



Video card: GeForce 7600GT


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