Lost Sector

GENRE: Free to play MMO Turn Based Strategy
DEVELOPER: Lost Sector Technologies


Lost Sector is a free to play tactical strategy game that allows players to battle in turn based encounters using their soldier of fortune. Equip yourself with the strongest weapons, armor and items, progress an extensive story campaign solo or in co-op with other players, or battle against other players and clans in PVP focused features. It is a beautifully detailed 3D online title that accurately simulates combat where players must control their character, attack enemies, and utilize the environment to take cover.


- Build up your mercenaries skills
- Collect and purchase new gear items
- Shape your class/build with your choice of weapons and armor
- 3D environments allow you to climb up on rooves or take cover in buildings
- Solo and Co-op gameplay
- Quest-story focused campaign mode
- Clan based Conquest battles for territory
- 4v4 PVP matches
- Free to play


A global war that forced men and women to abandon their cities broke out in the early portions of the 21st Century. Now the year is 2035 and you have returned back home, the war now over, and see that the city you left is now its own warzone. Set in the huge city of Broxton the streets are filled with violence of gangs and Anarchists, the civilians are in constant fear for their lives with many areas no longer safe to travel. Reunited with an old friend who you served with, he now runs a mercenary outfit that seeks to bring an end to the violence and take back Broxton.


The main element of the game focuses on turn based combat across various urban battlefields, when coming across different enemies, from AI gangs to rival player clans, players take it in turns to move their character around the environment with point and click controls with an objective to eliminate their opponents or complete objective focused tasks. Players use up Action Points (AP) that allow them to perform attacks, movement, interactive with objects, crouching behind cover and more; so they must manage their AP in the battle strategically. The game uses a line of sight mechanic that once an enemy disappears from sight, such as turning a corner or going inside a building, then the map only displays their last known location but allows the enemy to move around unseen.


From the mercenary outfit’s Factory base, players are able to meet different characters as they progress the story portions of the main campaign mode, allowing them to take on quests for different NPCs. These quests can range from story/campaign quests that require players to head to a specific area on the map, or generic quests (such as killing X number of Anarchists, or recovering stolen food) that can be completed in multiple areas across the global map and players trigger the quest manually in their preferred area. The global map shows the difficulty of the enemies there, based off the enemy’s gear and number, the more challenging the enemy the higher the rewards earned at the end of battle.


Missions will bring in a lot of currency for players, which in turn allows them to buy lots of different gear from the Factory merchant NPCs; players can fully customize their characters with a whole host of different items from weapons and armor to grenades and health packs. The players preferred style of play will heavily determine their loadouts, armor can range from light to heavy, with heavier armor requiring more AP to be spent when moving around the map, and weapons come in all shapes and sizes including melee and ranged weapons including rocket launchers and sniper rifles.


There are different modes that players can enjoy, ranging from different campaigns where players can also start to work alongside the local police department, a Conquest mode for player clans to battle it out across the city of Broxton where the map is divided up into contestable territories, to one off squad based PVP matches against other players.


O/S: Windows XP
CPU: Dual Core 2.2GHz
Video: GeForce GT 330 or Radeon HD 3600


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