Kritika Online


A free to play action-combat MMORPG, Kritika Online is a fantasy based title where players find themselves in a world taken over by an oppressive ruler that rules over the land with an iron fist and needs to be stopped. With classic PVE and PVP elements the game offers anime graphics and fast-paced action combat more akin to a beat-em-up platform title where players put together string of combos to defeat their opponents.


- Four playable classes
- Instanced based dungeons
- Fast, beat-em-up style combat
- Anime graphics
- Crafting system
- Completely free to play


The core of the game is a quest driven MMORPG that guides players through an overlying story-arc and as they complete quests, earn XP and level up they will progress the story and enter more dangerous and challenging dungeon instances called “danger zones”. In these zones players earn various items, gear and materials to improve their various characters and in turn allow them to take on even greater threats at higher difficulty and become competitive in PVP.


The combat in the game is one of the main focuses and differences between Kritika and many other MMORPGs; the game uses a fast 3D third person system where players can jump around and use various skills and abilities to deal damage, crown control, dodge attacks and more. As players level up and unlock more skills they can begin to work out new combos by chaining together different series’ of skills that will have different effects. Taking on dozens of enemies at a time the combat is a dynamic combat experience that is very fast, action packed and extremely fun.


The game provides access to four main classes:

The Warrior – A protective combatant that can deal damage and act as a front line fighter when in a group to enable his companions

The Gunmage – Armed with ranged pistols this fighter also touches the arcane forces and mixes in spell attacks with shots from his pistol

The Rogue – Fast and agile the Rogue makes it a point not to stay in one spot for too long, darting into the fray to get some hits and then dodging back out before she takes any in return

The Reaper – Stalking the battlefield with a huge scythe blade this fighter can deal brutal AoE damage on opponents with wide cleaves of her weapon

Whilst there are four main classes the game also allows players to specialize into one of many different sub-classes unique to each class, in doing so the players role in combat becomes more defined and they acquire new skills to help them do their job. Players can further customize their characters using Skill Points that are earned each time a player levels up through combat and questing, these points can be spent in the unlocked skills that the player has acquired to make them stronger, giving players the freedom to spend many points on a few select skills, or spread their points to improve more skills to a lesser degree.


The danger zones are one of the key elements to the game and it is where most players will be spending their time. These instanced areas are the quest locations that players will be sent into to advance the game’s story, but as they are also repeatable players will constantly return to them to acquire new loot and gear either on their own or with a group. The type of loot that players can earn is also determined by the difficulty of the instance, upon entering players can choose the difficulty for themselves and their group from Easy mode up to Insane where the enemies provide a much greater challenge but drop far better loot.

A danger zone is divided up into multiple areas filled with different enemies, upon entering all the enemies must be killed before the player or group can advance to the next area; some areas do not require players to visit and are specifically for quests, so instead players can focus on clearing the danger zone as quickly as possible. Players are scored at the end of clearing a danger zone when they have killed the final boss, this score is based on how fast it took them to clear the zone, how much damage they took, how many deaths, and other elements that will give the group their score and some loot.




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