Heroes of Newerth


Genre: Free to play Martial Arts Themed MMORPG
Platforms: Windows
Developer: Acclaim


Set during ancient China’s Ming dynasty players are able to travel the land as practitioners of martial arts, understanding the philosophies and skills needed to be a kung fu master. The locations have been painstaking way designed to be authentic to this period, as well as costumes, weapons and martial arts moves. The world continues to evolve and new cities and quests continuously appear as well as special events added through the regular updates.

Key Features

-          Create your own character and explore the lands of the beautiful ancient China

-          Learn kung fu to defend yourself against the dangers your face on your journey

-          Seek out a clan and train up from a real master, with nine plans to choose from

-          Fight in PVE or against other players, training with clan disciples or in grand battles against rival clans

-          Choose between Pleasant Servers, where combat is optional and Player Kill Servers where you are permanently flagged for PVP

Playable Clans

Choose from the nine different clans, each of which is based on historical clans from the era: the League of Beggars, Wu-Tang Clan, Shaolin, the Brotherhood of Thieves, the Sacred Flower and the Heavenly Demon. There are also three advanced clans that disciples of a certain level can look to join: The Black Dragon Clan, the Disciples of Iron Fist and the Union of Noble Families.

Storm v Storm

A battle for territory and fortresses between “Hero Bands”, those in control of these fortresses are able to charge taxes for all the items that are traded within the area. Fortresses start out as being in the possession of the deadly Deviant Clan, once the clan has been dealt with and you have claimed the fortress and territory as your own then fortress NPC guards will appear. Challenging a specific fortress costs money, and reputation does not deteriorate when a player is killed during PVP in the Storm v Storm battle.

 System Requirement

Processor: Pentium 4 +
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: 3d Video Card
Directx: 9.0c

HDD: 954 MB

Web:  9Dragons




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  1. foxnstuff September 17, 2013 at 6:53 PM -

    This isn’t an mmorpg. It’s a league of legends clone. This also means it’s a MOBA. Not a MMORPG.

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