Hero of the Obelisk

Developer: EYA Soft
Platform: Windows


Formerly know as Dungeon Hero, Hero of the Obelisk is an immersive MMORPG that combines a hack & slash combat system with a variety of challenging dungeons that can either be tackled solo or partying up with friends. Set in a medieval fantasy world, this fast-paced title offers a wide range of character customisation options as well as multiple cooperative and solo PvP modes. Player will choose among three starting classes to embark on a thrilling adventure.


- 3 main classes & 18 different specialisations

- Fast-paced hack & slash action

- Huge variety of weapons & armour + additional character enhancement items

- Several PvP modes for solo and cooperative play

- Nearly 100 dungeons to explore

- Completely free-to-play


Hero of the Obelisk features three main classes that cover the trinity of tank, DPS and healer. Each class has its own unique style of play that will continuously evolve as the character grows and specialises into different job branches at specific levels. This will further differentiate each class and unlock new skills.

With their unparalleled strength and stamina, Swordsmen are able to utilise various types of melee weapons to cause a great deal of destruction. They may later on choose the path of an offensive Fighter or a protective Warrior. While Fighters will further specialise as Gladiators or Conquerors, Warriors will become Knights or Guardians.

Agile and cunning, Adventurers are mischievous characters with an insatiable curiosity to all things which sometimes gets them into trouble. They can choose to focus on their agility and stealth becoming a Hunter or on technology evolving to Technicians. Hunters will further specialise as Sniper or Stalker while Technicians may advance to Engineer or Tech-Master.

Scholars have devoted their entire lives to researching and learning the transcendent powers that make up the world. They must choose either to accept the divine holy powers as their eternal guide, seeking salvation through prayers and healing when specialising as Cleric; or find harmony with nature and the supernatural as Sorcerer. While Sorcerers are able to further advance to Mage or Archmage, Clerics will further specialise as Priest or Archpriest.


The continent of Abate is strewn with countless dungeons waiting to be explored. In order to hold the title as a Hero of the Obelisk, players will have to conquer every single one. Available in two modes, they present a wide variety of dangers and challenges, rewarding players with a treasure chest that can either be opened immediately or reserved in order to increase the chance to find something more valuable within the next time they complete the same dungeon.

Dungeons entered in normal mode can be cleared with minimum troubles with a little bit of coordination. In hardcore mode, monsters and bosses hit harder, have more HP and will require being more alert in order to survive. Clearing hardcore dungeons will have a higher chance of dropping rarer and more powerful items.

In addition to the main and sub quests pertaining to a dungeon, there are also active missions to add a continuous replay value, challenging players to complete and earn rewards for clearing the dungeons the fastest.


Open Fields are scattered across the continent and accessible to all, allowing players to recharge their fatigue metre after a long day of dungeon questing. They have recommended levels for players to venture through, with the higher level Open Fields containing tougher monsters and bosses which may require a party to make it out alive. When entering a higher level Open Field, death is imminent, but the rewards are that much greater if players are able to survive.

Open Field areas tend to drop items (enhancement stones, equipments, etc.) more frequently than dungeons while the experience gained is drastically reduced.


The game allows players to engage in a variety of classic and unique PvP modes:

In this team-based arena mode, multiple teams of two and up to four players capture and defend control points. Battlefield rewards players with PvP XP (rank), as well as points that can be used to purchase useful items.

Siege Battle
In this co-operative mode that takes place on a weekly basis, two guilds go head-to-head, one defending the castle and the other attacking. Depending on the size of competing guilds, Siege Battle can support up to 100 vs 100 battles.

Players will experience involuntarily PKing upon entering Open Field zones, excluding the Shinoi Mine Open Field, which disallows PKing.

The upcoming mode Brave will be an all-out 100v100 war.

The Obelisk
Another upcoming mode, The Obelisk is a race against others to the top of a behemoth tower.

AoS-based PvP
This is an upcoming strategic duel where players will control a unique hero to conquer their foes.


Players are presented with several opportunities to enhance their characters and customise them to best fit their style of play. Enhancing the equipment is the easiest way to strengthen the character in combat. Not only will their stats rise, but depending on the enhancement level it will also imbue their weapon with an aura of varying elements. Weapons, amour and accessories can be enhanced through the use of enhancement stones that are obtained in dungeon treasure chests, Open Field or from dissembling equipment.

Gear can be further customised and enhanced by inserting enhancement items called “Dite Cubes”. Each cube has its own unique properties, allowing players to pick and choose which attribute they want to add to their gear.


In order to enhance their skills, players need skill runes they will receive during their adventures across the world. When equipped to a skill, they give a special effect.

Moreover, an intricate system of passive and specialised skills allows players to differentiate themselves from others. While specialised skills enable to craft armour, weapons, potions and other miscellaneous items, three passive skill trees allow customising your character's abilities by putting points into skills to greatly strengthen your durability and flexibility in battle.


Minimum requirements

OS: Windows XP

CPU: Dual Core

RAM: 2 GB or more

HDD: 5 GB of available space

Video card: Geforce 6600 or better

DirectX: 9.0 C or later

Recommended specifications

OS: Windows XP or later

CPU: Intel Dual Core 2.0 GHz or better

RAM: 4 GB or more

HDD: 5 GB or more available space

Video card: Geforce FX 8600 or better

DirectX: 9.0 C or later


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