God Wars

God Wars


God Wars is a free to play team building strategy RPG, God Wars sees players take on the role of a summoned champion tasked with putting an end to the rising evils from the Abyss that have put the world in peril. Venture out into a world of fantasy, meet new Heroes that will join you on your cause, train them to become powerful champions of good, and challenge yourself with PVE and PVP features.


- Two player classes
- Dozens of recruitable heroes
- Manage your team and formations
- Train and upgrade Heroes to increase team BR
- Story driven PVE Campaign
- PVP Content
- Free to play
- Browser gameplay


The core focus of the game is assembling a team of Heroes and improving them to increase their individual BR score, a numerical indicator of how powerful an individual hero is which directly contributes to a team’s overall BR allowing players to identify who has the most powerful team. As players increase in level and BR they will be able to challenge more difficult content and also compete against other players in PVP battles.


Each player starts off by choosing their own character from a male warrior or female mage (as well as a third Archer class in the future) which determines whether they will take a front line or back line position in combat alongside their recruited Hero companions. The warrior is better suited at the front dealing melee damage and soaking an amount of damage for his squishier Heroes, whereas the Mage sits on the back row protected by her forward allies and unhindered as she hurls spells upon her foes.


Heroes can be recruited by completing the campaign, meeting and taking on new characters through the games storyline, further characters once met require unlocking through the Territory system that allows players to improve different key buildings that allow for recruiting particular types of Heroes (beasts, humanoids, etc.).

Each Hero falls into a particular role that determines where they sit best in a team formation as well as which other Heroes they are best suited to fight alongside, all of which is based upon a players own personal strategy and playstyle.


In the Deployment system players can arrange their Heroes into different formations, with a 3x3 grid representing a front line, mid-line and back line as well as three different columns with top, mid and bottom. Enemies will typically try to attack the central character in a formation unless they do not have direct line of sight due to another character stood in front of them, generally a guardian/physical defense character, meaning softer characters go to the mid and back line. Some enemies and different Heroes attack multiple targets and even whole columns or rows, meaning their own position in a formation is important for offensive reasons as well.


Whilst combat is mostly automated with NPC Heroes attacking enemies and performing their abilities as per their individual tactics, players do control their own Protagonist character and are able to manually trigger abilities (though players can opt for pure AFK-Auto mode and let the AI take control over their character as well). With new skills that are unlocked players have some skills that will generate a certain amount of Rage, a resource that is then spent to use other more powerful skills, meaning players must manage their Rage reserves in battle.


There are a wide variety of ways to upgrade characters; players will automatically level up their main character by simply battling through content, earning XP and improving themselves. With certain features players will pick up particular types of items, materials and gear that can also be used to level up their accompanying hero, including crafting new armor and weapons, upgrading mounts and acquiring wings.

Upgrades will improve the individual Hero’s stats and make them stronger in combat, this is represented by their individual Battle Rating (BR) score, that indicates how strong Heroes are in comparison to one another; the cumulative score of all Heroes’ BR ratings in a team gives an overall team BR score.

GENRE: Free to play MMO RPG

PLATFORM: Web Browser



Web Browser


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